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Security Cameras

To have working security cameras in your level, you first need to place the right camera props. The correct Unit you need is called gen_equipment_security_camera. Next you spawn a SecurityCamera Element and connect it to the camera prop with the Camera unit button or by holding SPACE and clicking the unit. Below you can change what direction the camera prop is facing. AI Enabled will activate the camera and it will be able to spot players as well as loot bags or bodies. The position and rotation of the Element is not important. Execute the Element when you want the camera to be active.
To disable a camera, place another SecurityCamera Element, but with AI Enabled set to off. Executing it will disable the camera and it will no longer be able to spot anything. Breaking the camera prop will also automatically disable it.

To be able to see through a camera, you spawn an AccessCamera Element and again link it to the camera prop. The position for this element is not important, but the rotation is. The cone must face in roughly the same direction as the camera prop, otherwise you will look in the wrong direction when accessing the camera feed.
In the Element you can give your camera a custom name that shows up in the bottom left when accessing the camera feed, as well as limit how much you can turn the camera. You don’t need to execute the Element for it to work, but you do need specific Units to access the feed, like gen_prop_security_console or gen_equipment_camera_hackingtool.
Breaking the camera prop will automatically disable the camera for the feed and you will see white noise when accessing it, and you can also manually disable cameras using an AccessCameraOperator Element set to destroy.