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Applying Custom Instances

Note: Newer versions of Beardlib Editor includes dedicated custom instances, this workflow is largely unneccisary and outdated. Information on the page is still useful past the main.xml example.

Instance Example (In the Main.xml)

	<instance id="level_id">
		<add file="levels/level_id/add.xml"/>
		<include directory="levels/level_id">
			<file file="" type="generic_xml"/>
			<file file="world/world.continent" type="custom_xml"/>
			<file file="world/world.mission" type="generic_xml"/>
			<file file="editor_only/editor_only.continent" type="custom_xml"/>
			<file file="editor_only/editor_only.mission" type="generic_xml"/>

With this setup you can work on the instance as a level without needing to move any files around


Example: table continent="world" folder="levels/instances/unique/hoxestatesecurityroom/world" indexsize="1000" name="hoxestatesecurityroom001" position="0 0 0" rotation="0 0 0 0" script="default" startindex="11000"


  • The name of the continent file its in.


  • The path to the "world" folder containing the continent and mission_script files.


  • How many units and/or elements it takes up in memory. beardlib sets all instances to 1000 by default even if it only uses 3, you can check official maps files for exact index counts but there doesnt seem to be any issues with it being set to 1000.


  • In level name and id, cannot be the same as any other instance or things get mixed up.


  • The usual positional information.


  • Hard to explain but I think its like a sub-folder for element code, doesn't need to be anything but default for custom heists.


  • If you have 3 instances each taking 1000 spaces for the index_size this decides where the elements are stored. starts at 0 each instances adds its index_size from the last instance


Example: entry index="12" type="string" value="hoxestatesecurityroom001"

entry index="12"

  • The order of instances, if this is the 5th instance on the map its 5.


  • Magic code stuff, don't touch it.


  • This is the name id mentioned previously in the continent.