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Making and adding Environments

Environment is like a config which decides how light and shadows look in your level, this is what makes the level a night map or a day one, you can also use environment areas to make rooms look better, here we will talk about making them generally.

All of the actions are done in environment menu which is the world icon at the top menu.


You can edit the values of the environment freely, for now we won't have an exact explanation for each value in there, you can play around with it until you feel comfortable with the controls and the environment itself.

Some points:

  • Colors are buttons for color selection dialog
  • Intensity sort of controls how much the color is being applied.
  • Sky texture is the texture of the sky, you can use moon texture to make it a night map(play with color top, color low and sun color also)


You can save the environment for any use by pressing save, this will open a dialog to fill a file name for the environment(the directory starts from your game directory)
Press Apply and you're done.

Adding to your level(including)

If you wish to include that environment in your level you have to press Include current, this will add the environment to your level, which will allow you to use it in the level in an envrionment area.

After pressing it, the environment should be added to the Included Environmnents

Using it