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Harassers and Snipers (+ Hiding Cloakers) [wip]

So called “Harassers” are enemies that are spawned separately from the assault wave, that are used to make specific parts of your level harder, or simply to annoy the players and keep them on their toes. Snipers and hiding cloakers are included here because they basically fulfill the same purpose.


Harassers are mostly placed in areas that are either out of bounds for the player, or hard to reach. For example on rooftops, containers, scaffolding and so on, but still close enough to easily kill them. Ultimately it’s up to you where you place them.
They can be any type of enemy ranging from normal SWAT units to Bulldozers or even Gangster and the amount of harassers is also up to preference.


Snipers are set up very similar to Harassers, running on a loop that respawns them after a while. Usually with a counter keeping track of the amount of snipers present on the map, so as to not spawn too many at once. Most of the time they are placed further away from the player, making them harder to hit. Even higher rooftops or helicopters that fly in. They use sniper units instead of regular cops.


Hiding cloakers require a little more set-up. With the use of Special Objective, you can set up hiding places around your level. There are various animations you can use for cloakers to hide around corners, below cars, behind doors and so on. You can also set at what distance the Cloaker jumps out of his hiding spot and attacks the player. Usually Cloakers spawn and hide at the end of or between assault waves.

Basic Setup (wip)

They usually run on some kind of loop that respawns them after a while. Very important is the use of SpecialObjectives with the force the spawned cops into position, otherwise they might just wander off and despawn, or don’t move away from their spawn dummy at all.