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Creating A New Project

In the BeardLib Editor menu, navigate to the “Projects” tab and click the “New…” button on the right side of the screen.
In the dropdown you can choose between “Map”, “Cloned Map”, and “Empty Map Project”. ble_project_new.png

Map: Will automatically generate a narrative and a level module in your project. You’re basically ready to go with everything you need to start a new project.
Cloned Map: Lets you make a copy of any vanilla map. Useful for when you want to make map edits or base your level on a vanilla map.
Empty Map Project: Creates a completely blank project with only a localization module.

Make sure to give everything a unique name so it doesn’t clash with other custom heists.
Creating a new project will generate all the files you need in .../PAYDAY 2/Maps.

After creating your project it automatically opens it in the Project Editor. You can access this at any time by clicking on “Edit” and choosing your project. The Project Manager lets you add, edit and tweak most of the modules inside your project.

You can also edit them manually by opening the main.xml in your map folder with a text editor.

After creating the project, navigate to the Levels tab and click on your new level to enter the editor. If it doesn’t show up, restart your game or use the ReLua mod.

After loading you’re gonna see an almost empty level with just a small mockup plane, a player spawner and a startup element, and you can now start placing units to build your level.

-> Building Your Level
-> Scripting Your Level