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WeaponLib Mod Preparation

You boot up Payday 2, intend to enjoy a few of new weapon mod that have appeared on the front page of MWS, but found out that most of them have the big red word Requires WeaponLib. You shudder in fear, you don't know what it is, how to use it, or where the other long list of Requires have gone.

This wiki will show you what needs to be done in order to move to WeaponLib

First of all, WeaponLib is a combination of previously-separated-standalone weapon functionality mod, into 1 big code library for weapon to use. Spearheaded by Cpone, many of the combined mod is Cpone's mod that you probably already heard of and then some other.

So if you want to move to WeaponLib, check first for this list of mod that you need to remove:

  • Attachment Animations

  • Custom Attachment Points

  • Extra Attachment Tweak Data

  • Custom Scope Effect (folder named "CustomScopeEffect")

  • Fire Rate Multiplier

  • New Magazine Size for Weapons (located in mod_overrides!)

  • Underbarrel Weapons Base

Almost all of them are located in mods folder, except a few that are probably in mod_overrides.
Nevertheless check assets/mod_overrides as well in case those old mod are left there from previous version.
After removing those mods you can place WeaponLib folder nicely into mods folder.

And you have successfully moved to WeaponLib! Where even bigger things are awaiting weapon modding!

Check out WeaponLib Fixes as well to fix several outstanding bug while the base mod is in 'hiatus'.

WeaponLib is still in "development", and many more standalone weapon functionality mod are considered to be integrated.
This wiki will be updated alongside for more mod that would be integrated (and removed from running in the game).

For Mod Developer

This is your resource on how to convert existing code/function to use WeaponLib standard:
For any other specific question, you can direct it to Cpone on MWS discord