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Material Config XML

Example XML:

<materials version="3">
    <material name="mat_name" render_template="generic:DIFFUSE_TEXTURE:NORMALMAP" version="2">
        <diffuse_texture		file="texture/file/path/my_texture_df"/>
        <bump_normal_texture	file="texture/file/path/my_texture_nm"/>

A full list of template variables can be found in shaders/base.render_template_database

  • <materials/> contains all of the material xml for the file.
    • Typically uses version="3"
  • <material/> contains the information of a material.
    • Typically uses version="2"
  • <diffuse_texture/> a variable that often uses a texture with the identifier _df at the end.
  • <bump_normal_texture/> a variable that often uses a texture with the identifier _nm at the end.
  • <material_texture/> a variable that often uses a texture with the identifier _gsma at the end. (Gloss, Specular, Metalness, Alpha)
  • <reflection_texture/> is a variable that loads a cubemap to a material that accepts cubemaps.
    • <reflection_texture type="cubemap" global_texture="current_global_texture/>" will use the Environment set cubemap.
    • <reflection_texture type="cubemap" file="texture/file/path/my_cubemap"/> will use a locked cubemap and wont change from environments.

Special Use Cases

  • <material/> control options:

    • name="mat_name" give your material a name to go with your models material name.
    • render_template="template_name" a full list of templates can be found in shaders/base.render_template_database
    • unique="true" is usually used for materials that will change per-unit. Unit contours for example.
    • src="name" will clone the values from an existing <material> to your current material.
      • cloned materials can be modified further by including variables or textures to override the source copy.
    • decal_material="id" graphic mesh faces with the material will use the decal_material variable for hit effects.
      • List of decal IDs can be found in lib\tweak_data\tweakdata.lua self.materials = {list}
    • diffuse_color="255 255 255 255" potentially unused. (Red, Green, Blue, Alpha)
    • version="2" most if not all templates use version 2.
  • <variable/> control options:

    • Animations can control some variables using the listener type.
      • Standard variable: <variable name="il_tint" type="vector3" value="1 1 1"/>
      • Listener variable: <variable name="il_tint" type="listener" value="light::color" object="lo_lightobject"/>