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This guide will be a simple tutorial on how to make your first BLT mod with a suitable example to follow along.
The example mod will hide all (multiplayer) jobs from Crime.Net which are not stealthable.


Expect this:
  • An introduction into BLT-modding
  • Understanding core concepts
  • A working example to play around with
  • Links to resources
DON'T expect this:
  • Learning how to code Lua
  • Understanding the Payday 2 source code
  • Using libraries like BeardLib


  • Make sure you have a code editor. I can recommend Visual Studio Code
  • Download the Payday 2 Source Code (only used for searching - you don't need to build anything)
  • Enable the developer console by placing an empty developer.txt file inside your mods folder. (This can help you find errors in your mod)
  • Make a new folder in mods and place an empty mod.txt and mod.lua inside it.