Sequence Manager XML

WIP - For now just a note dump.

Vector3 form in sequence manager: v(0, 0, 0)


  • <material/> material sequences affect materials of the functioning unit. Unique="true" is required to only affect this unit.
    • name is the name of the material you are modifying.
    • time set the time of animated materials, Joys mask uses this feature.
    • state sets a state argument, Joys mask uses this feature to pause the UV scrolling.
    • render_template sets the render template.
    • glossiness sets the glossiness value.
    • If you use a custom key="value" you can affect material config elements on your own.
      • Example: <material name="'mat_mat'" il_multiplier="10"/>
      • This will modify the il_multiplier of an illuminated material.
      • Vector3 values need to be written like so key="v(1, 2, 3)"