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Custom Weapons

This is a list of custom weapons in PAYDAY 2 + the ingame ID, Factory ID, the category/type of the weapon and a link to the mod. It is sorted alphabetically, split by their author.

If you are a weapon mod author and would like to have your guns listed here, feel free to contribute!


Weapon ID Factory ID Category Link
A-24 Devastator as24 wpn_fps_gre_as24 Special
AK-12 ak12 wpn_fps_ass_ak12 Assault Rifle
AK-12 ak12_2014 wpn_fps_ass_ak12_2014 Assault Rifle
Akimbo APS x_aps wpn_fps_x_aps Akimbo Pistol
Akimbo Deck-ARD x_deckard wpn_fps_pis_x_deckard Akimbo Pistol
Akimbo Magpul FMG-9 x_fmgnine wpn_fps_smg_x_fmgnine Akimbo Submachine Gun
Akimbo Sidekick x_uzi_lowang wpn_fps_pis_x_uzi_lowang Akimbo Submachine Gun
AKU-94 aku94 wpn_fps_ass_aku94 Assault Rifle
AMR-2 amr2 wpn_fps_snp_amr2 Sniper Rifle
APS aps wpn_fps_pis_aps Pistol
Armalite AR-18 ar18 wpn_fps_ass_ar18 Assault Rifle
AUG A3 9mm XS aug9mm wpn_fps_smg_aug9mm Submachine Gun
Baikal MP-153 mp153 wpn_fps_shot_mp153 Shotgun
Barrett M107CQ m107cq wpn_fps_snp_m107cq Sniper Rifle
Beretta Px4 Storm px4 wpn_fps_pis_px4 Pistol
CBRPS SKS Pug skspug wpn_fps_ass_skspug Special (Secondary Assault Rifle)
Chiappa Rhino 60DS rhino wpn_fps_pis_rhino Pistol
CheyTac M200 m200 wpn_fps_snp_m200 Sniper Rifle
Deck-ARD deckard wpn_fps_pis_deckard Pistol
Doomstick quadbarrel wpn_fps_shot_quadbarrel Shotgun
Duke 1911 duke1911 wpn_fps_pis_duke1911 Pistol
FN SCAR-L scarl wpn_fps_ass_scarl Assault Rifle
Galil ACE 21 galilace wpn_fps_ass_galilace Assault Rifle
Galil ACE 7.62 galilace762 wpn_fps_ass_galilace762 Assault Rifle
Glock 19 g19 wpn_fps_pis_g19 Pistol
HK G36K g36k wpn_fps_ass_g36k Assault Rifle
HK416 hk416 wpn_fps_ass_hk416 Assault Rifle
HX25 Handheld Grenade Launcher hx25 wpn_fps_gre_hx25 Special
KS-23 ks23 wpn_fps_shot_ks23 Shotgun
L115 l115 wpn_fps_snp_l115 Sniper Rifle
LaRue OBR 5.56 obr5 wpn_fps_ass_obr5 Assault Rifle
M1A1 Carbine m1a1 wpn_fps_ass_m1a1 Assault Rifle
M2 Carbine m2 wpn_fps_ass_m2 Assault Rifle
M60E4 m60e4 wpn_fps_lmg_m60e4 Light Machine Gun
Magpul FMG-9 fmgnine wpn_fps_smg_fmgnine Submachine Gun
Mars Automatic mars wpn_fps_pis_mars Pistol
Mauser M712 Schnellfeuer m712 wpn_fps_pis_m712 Pistol
McMillan CS5 cs5 wpn_fps_snp_cs5 Sniper Rifle
Marlin Model 1894 Custom m1894 wpn_fps_snp_m1894 Special (Secondary Sniper Rifle)
Mateba Model 6 Unica unica6 wpn_fps_pis_unica6 Pistol
Mossberg 464 SPX Centerfire moss464spx wpn_fps_snp_moss464spx Sniper Rifle
OTs-14-4A Groza ots_14_4a wpn_fps_ass_ots_14_4a Assault Rifle
Pancor Jackhammer jackhammer wpn_fps_shot_jackhammer Shotgun
PPK-20 ppk20 wpn_fps_smg_ppk20 Submachine Gun
PPS-43 pps43 wpn_fps_smg_pps43 Submachine Gun
PPSh-41 ppsh wpn_fps_smg_ppsh Submachine Gun
S&W Model 27 sw27 wpn_fps_pis_sw27 Pistol
S&W M&P40 swmp40 wpn_fps_pis_swmp40 Pistol
Sidekick uzi_lowang wpn_fps_smg_uzi_lowang Submachine Gun
SIG KE7 sigke7 wpn_fps_lmg_sigke7 Light Machine Gun
SKS sks wpn_fps_ass_sks Assault Rifle
Super Shotgun super wpn_fps_shot_super Shotgun
SVD svd wpn_fps_snp_svd Sniper Rifle
Walther P99 p99 wpn_fps_pis_p99 Pistol
Widowmaker TX wmtx wpn_fps_shot_wmtx Shotgun
Winchester Model 1894 winchester1894 wpn_fps_snp_winchester1894 Sniper Rifle
Winchester Model 1912 m1912 wpn_fps_shot_m1912 Shotgun
VSS vss wpn_fps_snp_vss Sniper Rifle
XM214-A Minigun xm214a wpn_fps_lmg_xm214a Special
Zenith 10mm zenith wpn_fps_pis_zenith Pistol

These weapons was discontinued as they need to be completely redone and due Update 199.3 shader changes that broke normal maps i decided to unlist them. Normal maps can be fixed on own by using this tool (Remember to only convert textures that ends with _nm in file name).

Note. Some discontinued weapons may state they require WeaponLib to work but i highly recommend to ignore that and install Custom Attachment Points instead as WeaponLib can negatively impact game stability.

Discontinued weapons
Weapon ID Factory ID Category Link
AEK-971 aek971 wpn_fps_ass_aek971 Assault Rifle
AK-12/76 ak12_76 wpn_fps_shot_ak12_76 Shotgun
Akimbo HK45C x_hk45c wpn_fps_x_hk45c Akimbo Pistol
Akimbo SW Model 642 x_sw642 wpn_fps_pis_x_sw642 Akimbo Pistol
Akimbo TOZ-66 x_toz66 wpn_fps_shot_x_toz66 Akimbo Shotgun
Arisaka Type 38 arisaka38 wpn_fps_snp_arisaka38 Sniper Rifle
ASh-12.7 ash wpn_fps_ass_ash Assault Rifle
AP Pistol appistol wpn_fps_pis_appistol Pistol
Beretta 93R b93r wpn_fps_pis_b93r Pistol
Borderlands 2 ARs Assault Rifle
Browning M1919A6 m1919a6 wpn_fps_lmg_m1919a6 Light Machine Gun
CBJ-MS cbjms wpn_fps_smg_cbjms Submachine Gun
Colt 9mm SMG Custom r0991 wpn_fps_ass_r0991 Assault Rifle
Colt Model 933 .300 Blackout r0933blk wpn_fps_smg_r0933blk Submachine Gun
Desert Tech MDR mdr wpn_fps_ass_mdr Assault Rifle
Einhänder einhander wpn_fps_smg_einhander Submachine Gun
FD338 fd338 wpn_fps_ass_fd338 Sniper Rifle
FN F2000 Tactical f2000 wpn_fps_ass_f2000 Assault Rifle
FN FNAR fnar wpn_fps_ass_fnar Assault Rifle
HK MG4 mg4 wpn_fps_lmg_mg4 Light Machine Gun
HK PSG-1 psg1 wpn_fps_snp_psg1 Sniper Rifle
HK XM8 xm8 wpn_fps_ass_xm8 Assault Rifle
HK45C hk45c wpn_fps_pis_hk45c Pistol
IWI Tavor X95 x95 wpn_fps_ass_x95 Assault Rifle
K31 k31 wpn_fps_snp_k31 Sniper Rifle
KAC SR-25 E2 ACC sr25 wpn_fps_snp_sr25 Sniper Rifle
Kel-Tec PLR-16 plr16 wpn_fps_pis_plr16 Pistol?
Lahti L-35 l35 wpn_fps_pis_l35 Pistol
LaRue OBR 7.62 obr7 wpn_fps_ass_obr7 Assault Rifle
Lewis Gun lewis wpn_fps_lmg_lewis Light Machine Gun
M40A5 m40a5 wpn_fps_snp_m40a5 Sniper Rifle
Martini-Henry martinihenry wpn_fps_snp_martinihenry Sniper Rifle
MAS-49 mas49 wpn_fps_snp_mas49 Sniper Rifle
McMillan TAC-50 tac50 wpn_fps_snp_tac50 Sniper Rifle
Merkel Drilling 961LS merkel wpn_fps_snp_merkel Sniper Rifle
MG3 mg3 wpn_fps_lmg_mg3 Light Machine Gun
Mk 12 Mod 1 SPR mk12 wpn_fps_snp_mk12 Sniper Rifle
Mosin Nagant M9130 Obrez obrez wpn_fps_snp_obrez Special (Secondary Sniper Rifle)
MPX mpx wpn_fps_smg_mpx Submachine Gun
Nagant M1895 m1895 wpn_fps_pis_m1895 Pistol
Ruger Mark III rugermk3 wpn_fps_pis_rugermk3 Pistol
Ohio Ordnance HCAR hcar wpn_fps_ass_hcar Assault Rifle
RPD rpd wpn_fps_lmg_rpd Light Machine Gun
SAR 21 MMS sar21 wpn_fps_ass_sar21 Assault Rifle
SG 510 sg510 wpn_fps_ass_sg510 Assault Rifle
Sjogren Inertia sjogren wpn_fps_shot_sjogren Shotgun
SR-3M Vikhr sr3m wpn_fps_ass_sr3m Assault Rifle
STK Ultimax 100 Mark 5 ultimax wpn_fps_lmg_ultimax Light Machine Gun
SV-98 sv98 wpn_fps_snp_sv98 Sniper Rifle
SVT-40 svt40 wpn_fps_ass_svt40 Assault Rifle
SVU svu wpn_fps_snp_svu Special (Secondary Sniper Rifle)
SW Model 327 R8 sw327r8 wpn_fps_pis_sw327r8 Pistol
SW Model 642 sw642 wpn_fps_pis_sw642 Pistol
The Triad triad wpn_fps_pis_triad Pistol
TOZ-34 toz34 wpn_fps_shot_toz34 Shotgun
TOZ-66 toz66 wpn_fps_shot_toz66 Shotgun
Valmet Rk.62 rk62 wpn_fps_ass_rk62 Assault Rifle
Vepr-12 vepr12 wpn_fps_shot_vepr12 Shotgun
ZiD A-545 a545 wpn_fps_ass_a545 Assault Rifle
XM21 xm21 wpn_fps_snp_xm21 Sniper Rifle
Zweihänder zweihander wpn_fps_lmg_zweihander Light Machine Gun
Weapon ID Factory ID Category Link
Airbow16 (April Fools) air16 wpn_fps_gre_air16 Special
Bane (April fools) bane wpn_fps_smg_bane Submachine Gun
Barrett M107 (April fools) pew107 wpn_fps_snp_pew107 Sniper Rifle
Barrett M107CQ (April fools) pew107cqb wpn_fps_snp_pew107cqb Special
Barrett XM109 pew107cqb wpn_fps_snp_pew107cqb Special
Big Glock 19 (April fools) glawk19 wpn_fps_piss_glawk19 Pistol
Chompi (April fools) chompi wpn_fps_ass_chompi Special
Max the Crocodile (April Fools) max wpn_fps_apr_max Shotgun


Weapon ID Factory ID Type Notes Link
AN-94 akrocket wpn_fps_ass_akrocket Assault Rifle
Browning Automatic Rifle bar wpn_fps_ass_bar Machine Gun
Browning Auto-5 auto5 wpn_fps_shot_auto5 Shotgun
Calico M9XX calico wpn_fps_smg_calico Submachine Gun
Gepard GM6 Lynx lynx wpn_fps_snp_lynx Sniper Rifle
Howa Type 89-64 howa wpn_fps_ass_howa Assault Rifle
Korean Arms - K1A7 k1a7 wpn_fps_smg_k1a7 Submachine Gun
Korean Arms - K2 k2 wpn_fps_ass_k2 Assault Rifle
Korean Arms - K3 k3 wpn_fps_lmg_k3 Machine Gun
Korean Arms - K5 k5 wpn_fps_pis_k5 Pistol
KROSS KARD kard wpn_fps_pis_kard Pistol Broke, waiting on rebuild
KSVK 12.7mm carpet wpn_fps_snp_carpet Sniper Rifle Full Skin Support
LSAT lsat wpn_fps_lmg_lsat Machine Gun Handover from Pawcio
M14E2 Custom m14e2 wpn_fps_ass_m14e2 Assault Rifle
MAG-7 techno wpn_fps_shot_techno Shotgun Skin override method
Akimbo MAG-7 x_techno wpn_fps_shot_x_techno Akimbo Shotgun ^
MG5 mg5 wpn_fps_lmg_mg5 Machine Gun Full Skin Support
MSMC msmc wpn_fps_smg_msmc Submachine Gun
Mx4 Storm storm wpn_fps_smg_storm Submachine Gun
Negev NG-5 negev wpn_fps_lmg_negev Machine Gun
Neopup PAW-20 inkunzi wpn_fps_special_inkunzi Special Partial Skin Support
Nova Shotgun novas wpn_fps_sho_novas Shotgun Handover from Gambyt
PKP Pecheneg pecheneg wpn_fps_lmg_pecheneg Machine Gun
PM-98 Glauberyt glau wpn_fps_smg_glau Submachine Gun
PP-2000 peepee wpn_fps_mp_peepee Pistol
Akimbo PP-2000 x_peepee wpn_fps_mp_x_peepee Akimbo Pistol
Railgun Rorsch Mk1 roach wpn_fps_special_roach Special
Dokkaebi - SMG-12 master wpn_fps_mp_master Pistol
Springfeld 1903 AEX spring wpn_fps_snp_spring Sniper Rifle
SPAS-15 spas15 wpn_fps_shot_spas15 Shotgun
SRM 1216 m1216 wpn_fps_shot_m1216 Shotgun
Sumitomo Type 62 sumitomo wpn_fps_lmg_sumitomo Machine Gun Partial Skin Support
TC Contender Special contender wpn_fps_special_contender Special
UTS-15 sideload wpn_fps_shot_sideload Shotgun Full Skin Support
Work in progress / Planned
Weapon ID Factory ID Category Notes
Pindad SS2 wkwk wpn_fps_ass_wkwk Assault Rifle whenever I want to actually start porting it
SG 550 shigu wpn_fps_ass_shigu Assault Rifle started working
Stoner 63 woodstock wpn_fps_lmg_woodstock Machine Gun 2 HQ asset ready, my motivation isnt

For Stoner 63, if you're interested on taking a crack on porting it, I can give you the asset to play with.

Show discontinued mod URL
Weapon ID Factory ID Category Link Notes
AJM-9 ajm wpn_fps_pis_ajm Pistol Discontinued with the Federales Pistol DLC
Akimbo AJM-9 x_ajm wpn_fps_pis_x_ajm Akimbo Pistol ^
CZ-75 Auto czauto wpn_fps_pis_czauto Pistol Discontinued with the Federales Pistol DLC
Akimbo CZ-75 Auto x_czauto wpn_fps_pis_x_czauto AkimboPistol ^
Trench Gun trench wpn_fps_shot_trench Shotgun Discontinued with the Gunslinger DLC
Minebea PM-9 minebea wpn_fps_smg_minebea Submachine Gun Discontinued with the Jiu Feng Smuggler 2 DLC
Akimbo Minebea PM-9 x_minebea wpn_fps_smg_x_minebea Akimbo Submachine Gun ^
Maxim 9 max9 wpn_fps_pis_max9 Pistol Discontinued with the Jiu Feng Smuggler 4 DLC
PLA Arms - Chang-Feng 06 SMG chang6 wpn_fps_smg_chang6 Submachine Gun semi lost-interest and too much work to fix
PLA Arms - Hawk 12G hawk12 wpn_fps_shot_hawk12 Shotgun ^
PLA Arms - JS2 SMG js2 wpn_fps_smg_js2 Submachine Gun ^
PLA Arms - QBU-88 DMR qbu88 wpn_fps_snp_qbu88 Sniper ^
Mini-14 mini14 wpn_fps_ass_mini14 Assault Rifle lost interest
Mosin Custom classic wpn_fps_snp_classic Sniper Rifle lost interest
FAD fusil wpn_fps_ass_fusil Assault Rifle lost interest
SG 552 sg552 wpn_fps_ass_sg552 Assault RIfle Gamybt handover - lost interest
Hecate AMP hecate wpn_fps_snp_hecate Sniper Rifle overhaul plan on hiatus indefinitely
FIM-92 Stinger stinger wpn_fps_stinger Special crashes the game - will be recycled into another mod
S&W 659 sw659 wpn_fps_pis_sw659 Pistol Gamybt handover - will be recycled into Various Attch mod
Akimbo S&W 659 x_sw659 wpn_fps_pis_x_sw659 Akimbo Pistol ^
Volmer HK51-B volmer wpn_fps_lmg_volmer Machine Gun recylced to G3 Various mod
Akimbo KROSS KARD x_kard wpn_fps_pis_x_kard Akimbo Pistol removed Akimbo on v2 overhaul


Weapon ID Factory ID Link
Dragunov SVU N/A N/A
Uni's Laser Rifle N/A N/A
Water Pistol N/A N/A

Carl Ruins Everything

Weapon ID Factory ID Type Notes Link
AAC Honey Badger (REBORN) bajur wpn_fps_ass_bajur Assault Rifle
CoD Ghosts Maverick mav wpn_fps_ass_mav Assault Rifle
Metal Storm MAUL maul wpn_fps_sho_maul Shotgun
Bayonetta's Pistols x_bayo wpn_fps_pis_x_bayo Akimbo Pistols akimbo only
HK417 Standalone recce wpn_fps_ass_recce Assault Rifle content-free
HK416C Standalone drongo wpn_fps_ass_drongo Assault Rifle content-free
ARES Shrike AWS beef wpn_fps_lmg_beef LMG
H&K "G28" kozak wpn_fps_snp_kozak Sniper Rifle janky af
Parker-Hale IDW nya wpn_fps_smg_nya SMG
Akimbo IDWs x_nya wpn_fps_smg_x_nya Akimbo SMGs
Bren Ten sonny wpn_fps_pis_sonny Pistol fugly
Akimbo Bren Tens x_sonny wpn_fps_pis_x_sonny Akimbo Pistols fugly
Zastava M21A howl wpn_fps_ass_howl Assault Rifle
Remington R5 RGP mikon wpn_fps_ass_mikon Assault Rifle I lied
Beretta ARX-160 A2 lazy wpn_fps_ass_lazy Carbine
Kel-Tec RFB leet wpn_fps_snp_leet DMR
Noveske N4 Gen III rabbit wpn_fps_ass_rabbit Carbine
Spikes Tactical AR-15 flat wpn_fps_ass_flat T-Doll Christ
HK416A5 GFL raifu wpn_fps_ass_raifu T-Doll Fuck
Q Honey Badger betty wpn_fps_smg_betty PDW
Q Honey Badger (Primary) petto wpn_fps_ass_petto Assault Rifle
Desert Eagle L5 limafive wpn_fps_pis_limafive Pistol Deagle Duet
Desert Eagle Mk. XIX deltaoneniner wpn_fps_pis_deltaoneniner Pistol Deagle Duet
FN Five-seveN MK2 hoxy wpn_fps_pis_hoxy Pistol FNH Pack
FN MK 17 MOD 0 mk17 wpn_fps_ass_mk17 Assault Rifle FNH Pack

Inherited Weapons

Weapon ID Factory ID Type Notes Link
DDM4 gcar wpn_fps_ass_gcar Assault Rifle
Remington ACR acwr wpn_fps_ass_acwr Assault Rifle
LK-05 Carbine lkrifle wpn_fps_ass_lkrifle Assault Rifle
AK 5.56 Custom ak556 wpn_fps_smg_ak556 SMG
CZ Scorpion Evo A1 czevo wpn_fps_smg_czevo SMG
M6G Magnum m6g wpn_fps_pis_m6g Pistol
L1A1 SLR l1a1 wpn_fps_ass_l1a1 Assault Rifle
AN-92 tilt wpn_fps_ass_tilt Assault Rifle
QSZ-92 qsz92 wpn_fps_pis_qsz92 Pistol
Golden Gun goldgun wpn_fps_pis_goldgun Pistol
Derringer derringer wpn_fps_pis_derringer Pistol
PP-91 Kedr kedr wpn_fps_smg_kedr SMG
9A-91 vsk94 wpn_fps_ass_vsk94 Assault Rifle
MR-96 mr96 wpn_fps_pis_mr96 Pistol
Bulldog 7.62 bulldoge wpn_fps_ass_bulldoge Assault Rifle
SR1M sr1 wpn_fps_pis_sr1 Pistol
Magpul PDR pdr wpn_fps_smg_pdr SMG
MK18 Specialist mk18s wpn_fps_ass_mk18s Assault Rifle
OVK Zapper nes wpn_fps_pis_nes Pistol


Weapon ID Factory ID Link Notes
AMR-12G Shotgun amr12 wpn_fps_sho_amr12 VMP V1
Automat-5 Submachine Gun ak5s wpn_fps_smg_ak5s
SG-416 Rifle sg416 wpn_fps_ass_sg416
Reinbeck M1 Shotgun beck wpn_fps_sho_beck
ACAR-9 Submachine Gun car9 wpn_fps_smg_car9
Dragon 5.45 Pistol smolak wpn_fps_pis_smolak
Spiker 7.62 Rifle spike wpn_fps_ass_spike
Crosskill Protector Pistol cold wpn_fps_pis_cold
Guerilla .308 Sniper Rifle sgs wpn_fps_snp_sgs
Vendetta .38 Pistol lebman wpn_fps_pis_lebman
Mamba 5.56 Rifle aknato wpn_fps_ass_aknato
Hornet .300 Rifle bdgr wpn_fps_ass_bdgr VMP V2
Reinbeck Auto Shotgun minibeck wpn_fps_shot_minibeck
Hammer 23 Shotgun bs23 wpn_fps_shot_bs23


Weapon ID Factory ID based_on Type Notes Link
StG-58 fusil_762 wpn_fps_ass_fusil_762 scar Assault Rifle
PM-63 RAK pm63 wpn_fps_smg_pm63 cobray Submachine Gun
Akimbo PM-63 RAK x_pm63 wpn_fps_smg_x_pm63 x_cobray Akimbo Submachine Gun
CZ 75 Short Rail rally wpn_fps_pis_rally lemming Pistol
Akimbo CZ 75 Short Rail x_rally wpn_fps_pis_x_rally lemming Akimbo Pistols
CZ-2 cz2 wpn_fps_pis_cz2 lemming Pistol
Akimbo CZ-2 x_cz2 wpn_fps_pis_x_cz2 lemming Akimbo Pistol
CZ 75 B cz75b wpn_fps_pis_cz75b p226 Pistol
Akimbo CZ 75 B x_cz75b wpn_fps_pis_x_cz75b x_p226 Akimbo Pistol
Glock P80 p80 wpn_fps_pis_p80 p226 Pistol
Akimbo Glock P80 x_p80 wpn_fps_pis_x_p80 x_p226 Akimbo Pistol
M45A1 CQBP m45a1 wpn_fps_pis_m45a1 p226 Pistol
Glock 17 Gen 3 glawk wpn_fps_pis_glawk p226 Pistol
Degle .50 degle wpn_fps_pis_degle deagle Pistol
SIG-Sauer P220 noodle wpn_fps_pis_noodle p226 Pistol
SIG-Sauer P225 sammy wpn_fps_pis_sammy p226 Pistol
Norinco NP762 chinesium wpn_fps_pis_chinesium p226 Pistol
ADAR 2-15 adar wpn_fps_ass_adar tti Assault Rifle
Browning HP hpb wpn_fps_pis_hpb lemming Pistol
AK Pack 2
Weapon ID Factory ID based_on Type Notes Link
AKM ak_stamp_762 wpn_fps_ass_ak_stamp_762 flint Assault Rifle
AK-74 ak_stamp_545 wpn_fps_ass_ak_stamp_545 flint Assault Rifle
AK-101 ak_stamp_556 wpn_fps_ass_ak_stamp_556 flint Assault Rifle
Golden AKMS ak_stamp_gold wpn_fps_ass_ak_stamp_gold flint Assault Rifle
HK Pack
Weapon ID Factory ID based_on Type Notes Link
HK MP5 slap_919 wpn_fps_smg_slap_919 mp5 Submachine Gun
HK MP5K kurz_919 wpn_fps_smg_kurz_919 schackal Submachine Gun


AK Pack
Weapon ID Factory ID based_on Type Notes Link
AK-47 heffy_762 wpn_fps_ass_heffy_762 flint Assault Rifle AK Pack
AK-74 heffy_545 wpn_fps_ass_heffy_545 flint Assault Rifle AK Pack
AK-101 heffy_556 wpn_fps_ass_heffy_556 flint Assault Rifle AK Pack
AK-9 heffy_939 wpn_fps_ass_heffy_939 flint Assault Rifle AK Pack
Akimbo AK-9 x_heffy_939 wpn_fps_ass_x_heffy_939 x_akmsu Akimbo Assault Rifle AK Pack
Saiga-12 heffy_12g wpn_fps_sho_heffy_12g flint Shotgun AK Pack
Golden AKMS heffy_gold wpn_fps_ass_heffy_gold flint Assault Rifle AK Pack
AR Pack
Weapon ID Factory ID based_on Type Notes Link
AR-15 stoy_556 wpn_fps_ass_stoy_556 tti Assault Rifle AR Pack
AR-9 stoy_919 wpn_fps_smg_stoy_919 tti Submachine Gun AR Pack

Gunsmith Noob

Weapon ID Factory ID Link
Smith & Wesson 500 - Shatter's fury [Standalone 1.2] N/A N/A

Iron Predator

Weapon ID Factory ID Link
.700 Nitro Royal Double Rifle N/A N/A


Weapon ID Factory ID Category Notes Link
AEK-919K aek919 wpn_fps_smg_aek919 Submachine Gun
Akimbo AEK-919K x_aek919 wpn_fps_smg_x_aek919 Akimbo Submachine Gun
AF2011 af2011 wpn_fps_pis_af2011 Pistol
Akimbo HK416C x_416 wpn_fps_smg_x_416 Akimbo Submachine Gun
Akimbo Luger P08 x_luger wpn_fps_pis_x_luger Akimbo Pistol Obsolete
Akimbo Mauser C96 x_c96 wpn_fps_pis_x_c96 Akimbo Pistol Obsolete
CZ-75 Shadow cz wpn_fps_pis_cz Pistol
DP28 dp28 wpn_fps_lmg_dp28 Light Machine Gun
DP-12 dp12 wpn_fps_sho_dp12 Shotgun
Franchi PA8 Short-barrel pa8 wpn_fps_shot_pa8 Shotgun
GSh-18 Standalone gsh18 wpn_fps_pis_gsh18 Pistol
Akimbo GSh-18 Standalone x_gsh18 wpn_fps_pis_x_gsh18 Akimbo Pistol
Handgun 1946 Standalone hand1946 wpn_fps_pis_hand1946 Pistol
Handgun 1946 Standalone(Akimbo) x_hand1946 wpn_fps_pis_x_hand1946 Akimbo Pistol
High Standard HDM hshdm wpn_fps_pis_hshdm Pistol Silent Killer Pack
Akimbo High Standard HDM x_hshdm wpn_fps_pis_x_hshdm Akimbo Pistol Silent Killer Pack
Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk.I enfield_no4i wpn_fps_snp_enfield_no4i Sniper Rifle
Lee-Enfield No.5 Mk.I enfield_no5i wpn_fps_snp_enfield_no5i Sniper Rifle
M2019 Blaster lapd wpn_fps_pis_lapd Pistol
MP-443 Grach mp443 wpn_fps_pis_mp443 Pistol
Remington 870 Sawed-Off r870sawed wpn_fps_shot_r870sawed Shotgun
Seburo M5 seburo wpn_fps_pis_seburo Pistol
Akimbo Seburo M5 x_seburo wpn_fps_pis_x_seburo Akimbo Pistol
Standalone Colt M1911A1 colt1911 wpn_fps_pis_colt1911 Pistol
Akimbo Standalone Colt M1911A1 x_colt1911 wpn_fps_pis_x_colt1911 Akimbo Pistol
Standalone Kar98k kar98k wpn_fps_snp_kar98k Sniper Rifle
Thompson M1A1 tm1a1 wpn_fps_smg_tm1a1 Submachine Gun(Primary)
TT-33 gtt33 wpn_fps_pis_gtt33 Pistol
Akimbo Thompson M1A1 x_tm1a1 wpn_fps_smg_x_tm1a1 Akimbo Submachine Gun
Ultra-short sawed-off littlest wpn_fps_sho_littlest Shotgun
Work in progress
Weapon ID Factory ID Category Notes Link
ACM46 acm46 wpn_fps_pis_acm46 Pistol WIP
ACM46 Prototype acm46p wpn_fps_pis_acm46p Pistol WIP
Akimbo ACM46 x_acm46 wpn_fps_pis_x_acm46 Akimbo Pistol WIP
American 180 am180 wpn_fps_smg_am180 Submachine Gun WIP
Nambu Type 14 nambu14 wpn_fps_pis_nambu14 Pistol WIP
Akimbo Nambu Type 14 x_nambu14 wpn_fps_pis_x_nambu14 Akimbo Pistol WIP
Seburo Compact Xploder scx wpn_fps_mp_scx Pistol WIP
Akimbo Seburo Compact Xploder x_scx wpn_fps_mp_x_scx Akimbo Pistol WIP

Kitsune Jimmy

Weapon ID Factory ID Link
-Standalone- Walther P38 N/A N/A

Leon S.

Weapon ID Factory ID Notes Link
AWM-F Precision troglodyte wpn_fps_snp_troglodyte -
Deadwood 12G prison wpn_fps_shot_prison -
GITS K22 munmu wpn_fps_ass_munmu Skin Support
GITS M4A1 cinnamonroll wpn_fps_ass_cinnamonroll -
Korean Arms - USAS-12 usas12 wpn_fps_sho_usas12 -
Moonraker Laser moonraker wpn_fps_spe_moonraker -
Saritch .308 spear308 wpn_fps_ass_spear308 -


Weapon ID Factory ID Link
Barrett M98B N/A N/A
Colt Python N/A N/A


Weapon ID Factory ID Link
Automag .44 N/A N/A
H&K UMP 45 Re-Re-Release ump wpn_fps_smg_ump
Handgun 1960 V.1.1 N/A N/A
Montana 5.56 yayo wpn_fps_ass_yayo


Weapon ID Factory ID Category Link
AI AX308 kissesforleon wpn_fps_snp_kissesforleon Sniper Rifle
AS Val MOD.3 nightgoddess wpn_fps_ass_nightgoddess Assault Rifle
CZ 75 TS Czechmate axewscope wpn_fps_pis_axewscope Pistol
DSR-1 bigbust wpn_fps_snp_bigbust Sniper Rifle
Desert Tech MDR-C shieldgirl wpn_fps_ass_shieldgirl Submachine Gun
Enfield L22 fckmyfingers wpn_fps_pdw_fckmyfingers Assault Rifle
FABARM STF-12 Compact stf12 wpn_fps_shot_stf12 Shotgun
Fang-45 fang45 wpn_fps_smg_fang45 SMG
FN FNP-45 fnp45 wpn_fps_pis_fnp45 Pistol
HK33 hk33 wpn_fps_ass_hk33 Assault Rifle
HK FABARM FP6 fpsix wpn_fps_shot_fpsix Shotgun
HK G28 apairofmelons wpn_fps_snp_apairofmelons Sniper Rifle
HK MP7A1 mp7new wpn_fps_smg_mp7new Submachine Gun
HK USP ctfavourite wpn_fps_pis_ctfavourite Pistol
HK VP70M vp70 wpn_fps_pis_vp70 Pistol
Akimbo HK VP70Z x_vp70 wpn_fps_pis_x_vp70 Akimbo Pistol
Mk 14 EBR wargoddess wpn_fps_snp_wargoddess Assault Rifle
Mk 18 Mod 0 m4cqb wpn_fps_smg_m4cqb Submachine Gun
Mk 18 Mod 0 (Primary) mk18prim wpn_fps_ass_mk18prim Assault Rifle
Pink Micro Desert Eagle pinkie wpn_fps_pis_pinkie Pistol
MSBS-5.56B Grot grotb wpn_fps_ass_grotb Assault Rifle
ORSIS T-5000 t1000x5 wpn_fps_snp_t1000x5 Sniper Rifle
PK-PSD9 pkpsd9 wpn_fps_pis_pkpsd9 Special (Primary)/Pistol
Prokolot rusglock wpn_fps_pis_rusglock Pistol
QBZ-97B qbz97b wpn_fps_ass_qbz97b Submachine Gun
Remington ACR-C op68 wpn_fps_ass_op68 Submachine Gun
SAI GRY grayhound wpn_fps_ass_grayhound Assault Rifle
Steyr Elite b42 wpn_fps_snp_b42 Sniper Rifle
SV-98 (Current Prod.) heartpiercer wpn_fps_snp_heartpiercer Sniper Rifle
TAR-21 tar21 wpn_fps_ass_tar21 Assault Rifle
TTI TR-1 hugsforleon wpn_fps_ass_hugsforleon Assault Rifle
TKPD Storm tkpd wpn_fps_snp_tkpd Sniper Rifle
Weapon ID Factory ID Category Notes Link
Colt King Cobra kingcobra wpn_fps_pis_kingcobra Pistol My 1st weapon, I'm not sure should I update it or not
Gingerbread Shotgun xmassg wpn_fps_shot_xmassg Shotgun I'll make it public again on the 24th-25th of December
SMG-11 mac10mpa wpn_fps_smg_mac10mpa Submachine Gun Hey, it looks like a garbage, why would you want to DL it?
SAI GRY SBR saigry wpn_fps_ass_saigry Assault Rifle Remake exists, I feel that this one is obsolete at this point, but some people may not agree with me.
Wesker's Samurai Edge wes92se wpn_fps_pis_wes92se Pistol I can't mix textures, laugh at me


Weapon ID Factory ID Link
Beretta ARX-160 ar160 wpn_fps_ass_ar160
PLA Arms - FY-JS Sniper fyjs wpn_fps_snp_fyjs


Weapon ID Factory ID Link
Remington R5 N/A N/A


Metro Series Weapon Bundle

Weapon ID Factory ID based_on Category Notes Link
Abzats 12 Gauge Heavy Automatic Shotgun abzats wpn_fps_sho_abzats m249 Shotgun No Skin Support, Part of the Metro Series Weapons Bundle.
Bastard 5.45 Carbine bastard wpn_fps_smg_bastard sterling Carbine Part of the Metro Series Weapons Bundle.
Ashot 12 Gauge Shotgun ashot wpn_fps_sho_ashot new_raging_bull Shotgun Part of the Metro Series Weapons Bundle.
Work in Progress
Weapon ID Factory ID based_on Category Notes
Ruger 10/22 ruger1022 wpn_fps_ass_ruger1022 ching Assault Rifle Taken by GermanTacos. May rename to avoid confusion.
Weapon ID Factory ID based_on Category Notes
Uboinik 12 Gauge Automatic Shotgun shambler wpn_fps_sho_shambler Shotgun Part of the Metro Series Weapons Bundle.
VSV Rifle vsv wpn_fps_ass_vsv asval Asssault Rifle Part of the Metro Series Weapons Bundle.
Preved 12.7 Anti Materiel Rifle preved wpn_fps_snp_preved Sniper Rifle Part of the Metro Series Weapons Bundle.
VSSK Vychlop vssk wpn_fps_snp_vssk Sniper Rifle Part of the Metro Series Weapons Bundle.
The Helsing helsing wpn_fps_bow_helsing ecp Bow Part of the Metro Series Weapons Bundle.
Gauss Rifle coilgun wpn_fps_special_coilgun Special From the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Series. Have yet to find a HD model.
Manurhin MR73 mr73 wpn_fps_pis_mr73 new_raging_bull Pistol Possibly D.I.Y. Sniper Kit Included
OTs-38 Stechkin Revolver ots38 wpn_fps_pis_ots38 Pistol For a friend.
Big Iron .45 cwalker wpn_fps_pis_cwalker Pistol Colt Walker chambered in .45 Colt Possibly D.I.Y.


Weapon ID Factory ID Category Link
Black Ops Cold War XM4 (Primary) xm4_prim wpn_fps_ass_xm4_prim Assault Rifle
Black Ops Cold War XM4 (Secondary) xm4 wpn_fps_smg_xm4 SMG
Halo Infinite SRS99-S7 srs99_s7 wpn_fps_snp_srs99_s7 Sniper Rifle
Halo CE M6D m6d wpn_fps_pis_m6d "Pistol"
MW2019 M4A1 mike4 wpn_fps_ass_mike4 Assault Rifle
MW2019 SIG Sauer P320 papa320 wpn_fps_pis_papa320 Pistol
MW2019 SIG Sauer P320 (Akimbo) x_papa320 wpn_fps_pis_x_papa320 Akimbo Pistols
SIG Sauer MCX SPEAR/XM5 mcx_spear wpn_fps_ass_mcx_spear Assault Rifle

Silent Enforcer

Weapon ID Factory ID Category Link
Akimbo AA-12 x_aa12 wpn_fps_shot_x_aa12 Akimbo Shotguns
Akimbo Street Sweepers x_striker wpn_fps_shot_x_striker Akimbo Shotguns
Auto-Crossbow auto_cross wpn_fps_bow_auto Special
Candy Shotgun candy wpn_fps_shot_candy Shotgun
Fallout 10mm Pistol p10mm wpn_fps_pis_10mm Pistol
Fort-500 f500 wpn_fps_shot_f500 Shotgun
Gewehr 43 g43 wpn_fps_snp_g43 Sniper Rifle
Kolibri kolibri wpn_fps_pis_kolibri Pistol
M3 Grease Gun m3 wpn_fps_smg_m3 Submachine Gun
Akimbo M3 Grease Guns x_m3 wpn_fps_smg_x_m3 Akimbo Submachine Guns
Makarov pm wpn_fps_pis_pm Pistol
Akimbo Makarov x_pm wpn_fps_pis_x_pm Akimbo Pistols
Akimbo Makarov (Secondary) xs_pm wpn_fps_pis_xs_pm Pistol (Akimbo Pistols)
MG 34 mg34 wpn_fps_lmg_mg34 Light Machine Gun
Mossberg 590A1 mossberg590 wpn_fps_shot_mossberg590 Shotgun
MP40 mp40 wpn_fps_smg_mp40 Submachine Gun
MTs-255 mts255 wpn_fps_shot_mts255 Shotgun
MTs-255 (Secondary) s_mts255 wpn_fps_shot_s_mts255 Shotgun
Akimbo MTs-255 x_mts255 wpn_fps_shot_x_mts255 Akimbo Shotguns
No Weapon (Secondary) nothing wpn_fps_pis_nothing Special
No Weapon (Primary) nothing2 wpn_fps_ass_nothing2 Special
Owen Gun owen wpn_fps_smg_owen Submachine Gun
Panzerschreck pschreck wpn_fps_pschreck Special
PIAT piat wpn_fps_piat Special
PLA Arms - QBS-09 qbs wpn_fps_shot_qbs Shotgun
PLA Arms - QBZ-03 qbz3 wpn_fps_ass_qbz3 Assault Rifle
PLA Arms - QBZ-95 qbz95 wpn_fps_ass_qbz95 Assault Rifle
Spectre M4 spectre_m4 wpn_fps_smg_spectre_m4 Submachine Gun
Akimbo Spectre M4 x_spectre_m4 wpn_fps_smg_x_spectre_m4 Akimbo Submachine Guns
StG 44 stg44 wpn_fps_ass_stg44 Assault Rifle
TF2 Minigun sasha wpn_fps_lmg_sasha Special
TF2 Revolver tf2_revolver wpn_fps_pis_tf2_revolver Pistol
TF2 Rocket Launcher tf2_rl wpn_fps_tf2_rl Special
TF2 Shotgun shot_tf2 wpn_fps_shot_tf2 Shotgun
TF2 Shotgun (Primary) shot_tf2_2 wpn_fps_shot_tf2_2 Shotgun
TOZ-106 toz106 wpn_fps_shot_toz106 Shotgun
TOZ-194 toz194 wpn_fps_shot_toz194 Shotgun
Vickers Machine Gun vick wpn_fps_lmg_vick Special
Welrod welrod wpn_fps_pis_welrod Pistol
Weapon ID Factory ID Category Link
Akimbo Jacket's Pieces x_cobray wpn_fps_smg_x_cobray Akimbo Submachine Guns
Akimbo MP40 x_erma wpn_fps_smg_x_erma Akimbo Submachine Guns
Akimbo Tommy Guns x_m1928 wpn_fps_smg_x_thompson Akimbo Submachine Guns
Not released
Weapon ID Factory ID Category Notes
DMR-25k dmr25 wpn_fps_snp_dmr25 Sniper Rifle Was working on it in the summer of 2017 and forgot about it.
RAID Sawn-off Shotgun raid_s wpn_fps_shot_raid_s Shotgun Did you know that it's based on a cheap prop?


Weapon ID Factory ID Link
.300 Knockout N/A N/A
M4A1-S N/A N/A
MX Garand mxg wpn_fps_ass_mxg
Uni's Barrett N/A N/A
Wunderwaffe DG-2 N/A N/A

Tangerine Paint

Weapon ID Factory ID Link
410 Bore AR-15 omni wpn_fps_shot_omni
Hybrid 7.62 (AR-47) ar47 wpn_fps_ass_ar47
Sierra .458 (.458 SOCOM AR-15) sierra458 wpn_fps_snp_sierra458


Weapon ID Factory ID Link
McCree's Revolver - BeardLib N/A N/A


Weapon ID Factory ID Link
HK G11 temple wpn_fps_ass_temple
eDEN Bavarium Splitter fortress wpn_fps_ass_fortress


Weapon ID Factory ID Link
De Lisle "Commando" Carbine N/A N/A
M4.50 Beowulf (REWORKED) N/A N/A
"Patriot" prototype(reworked version) N/A N/A
PTRS-41M (modified version) N/A N/A


Weapon ID Factory ID Link
Ray Gun N/A N/A