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Voice Over Modding

Things you need:

  • wwise_ima_adpcm (to encode/decode .stream files)
  • Audio editor
  • Extracted soundbanks folder (check attachments)

Post extraction/downloaded from gdrive

Easy steps

  • Get the tools needed in attachment, set up volume preset
  • Prepare your replacement files, adjust their volume level beforehand and organize them
  • Listen the vanilla lines one by one and save replacements corresponding to their vanilla id, make sure saved audio files are wave formatted
  • Once you're done with saving replacements use wwise_ima_adpcm to encode sound files to .stream

What you should do:

  • Mod pathing must be: modname/soundbanks/streamed/char_name, robbers_mission_gen and safehouse_vo (for older characters such as OG gang, houston, clover, wick its regular_vox instead of char_name)
  • Replacement files MUST contain only sound id in their name (not .1/.english)

Side note: Some of the character lines such as AI war cry, marking specials on control phase (more for characters older than Bodhi) are encoded ogg files and since we don't have a proper tool we can't replace them for the time being. Replacing them with encoded wave files will result in not playing anything. If you have the game files extracted you will see that wwise_ima_adpcm can't decode all stream files which are encoded .ogg files. My decompiled extract on Gdrive included with extracted .ogg based stream files, sort the folder by bit rate. For char_name folders they are 768 kbps if mono, 1536 kbps if stereo, mostly same for robbers_mission_gen though some are 576, 512 kbps

There are some misinformations going on regarding voice over modding:

  1. Some people still think they have to match replacement audio's length with the vanilla's otherwise it won't work which is NOT true, longer audio files may make it spammy
  2. Renaming the .wav/.ogg extensions to .stream does NOT work
  3. Trying to compress .ogg to .rar/zip and renaming the extension to .stream does NOT work, stop with this shit, seriously.