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Obtaining Legal Copies of Luxor Games

Since Luxor games are pretty quite dated at this point (2005), you may think that none of these games work anymore. However, there are still proven ways to obtain a working copy of these.

  • Big Fish Games
    • Luxor Bundle Pack
      • Hands down the best deal available on Big Fish Games for both Luxor 1 and Amun Rising.
      • Will require you to open the Bundle Pack EXE first. If you wish to have a unique game copy per mod, you will need to copy the executable to the mod folder, which is marked hidden by default.
    • Luxor 2
      • Works on modern Windows machines, but may not launch from the launcher.
      • You can launch the game by opening it's hidden game executable on the installation directory.
    • If you are using a new account, you can enter the code NEW299 to pay for your first game for 3 USD instead of the usual price.
  • GameHouse