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Mod Debugging & Errors

You're in the middle of testing and you just made something new. And then when it loads... BAM! Your game explodes and you have no idea where to look.

  • Luxor 1/AR: Check the luxor.log or luxorAR.log file and scroll to the bottom. Look out for any warnings about missing files, invalid characters/syntax, etc.
  • Luxor 2 and games that use it's engine: Check your Documents/MumboJumbo folder. Each game has it's own folder:
    • Luxor 2: luxor2
    • Luxor 1 HD: Luxor 1 HD
    • Luxor 2 HD: Luxor 2 HD
    • Luxor AR HD: Luxor Amun Rising HD
    • Luxor Evolved: Luxor Evolved
    • Myth Match: mythmatch
    • Neopets Codestone Quest: neopets