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Each game engine (and some specific games) have their own limitations which you should keep in mind:

Luxor 1/AR

Engine Specific

  • data/uiscript/depths.txt has a hard limit of 69 layers. If this is exceeded, layers starting from the 70th will be ignored.

Luxor 1

  • Stage 2-4 (and by extension, 5-4, 8-4, 11-4) do not prioritize colors in the danger zone, presumably due to the vanilla level being Khufu's Revenge.

Luxor 2

Engine Specific

  • Going over the maximum Map ID (25 for Luxor 2) crashes the game.
  • Only a maximum of ~100 images can be loaded. Any more and the logs will show an "Out of Factory Nodes" error and any other images past it will not be loaded. To work around this, you may want to place images in atlases, or simply don't go overboard.
  • You may want to look at the logs every time you crash after toggling Fullscreen. A potential reason for this is that the game reloads every single texture including unused ones.
  • Setting the BlendMode to NONE will completely ignore the alpha. Omit the BlendMode property altogether if you wish to include it.