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State File Modification

Luxor Luxor 2

State files control certain functions of UI screens in games using the Luxor 2 engine. They have an extension of sm and can be found in data/state. For Luxor 2 (not HD), you may want to use a pre-fixed plaintext version of the state folder that should work wit...

UI File Modification

Luxor Luxor 2

UI files control the layout of a specific element in the game - including level backgrounds. Objects Every object should have it's type and an optional label, with 3 spaces as indentation: uiFrame theLabel { uiSprite theLabel { } } uiFrame A uiFr...

Obtaining Legal Copies of Luxor Games


Since Luxor games are pretty quite dated at this point (2005), you may think that none of these games work anymore. However, there are still proven ways to obtain a working copy of these. Big Fish Games Luxor Bundle Pack Hands down the best deal available...

GVF Types

Luxor Luxor 2

Simple Types Number: A literal number. The game engine can usually take either a float or an int. Int64: Ending the number with an i64 means it's an int and is usually used for score values. String: A literal string encased in double quotation marks ("). Loc...

General GVF Syntax

Luxor Luxor 2

GVF files are (presumedly) "Game Variable Files" that also take on different extensions depending on the usage: .gvf - Game variables .ui - UI elements .uis - UI snippets .ofx - Object effects .sm - State Machine files Objects objectName { } Includes...


Luxor Other

Each game engine (and some specific games) have their own limitations which you should keep in mind: Luxor 1/AR Engine Specific data/uiscript/depths.txt has a hard limit of 69 layers. If this is exceeded, layers starting from the 70th will be ignored. Luxor...

Enabling Cheats

Luxor Other

When developing mods, you may want to enable built-in cheats to test a specific level. Luxor 1/AR Pass -unlocklevels and -unlockstages to the executable. -unlocklevels allows you to select a specific level from the currently selected stage when starting a n...

Mod Debugging & Errors

Luxor Other

You're in the middle of testing and you just made something new. And then when it loads... BAM! Your game explodes and you have no idea where to look. Luxor 1/AR: Check the luxor.log or luxorAR.log file and scroll to the bottom. Look out for any warnings abo...