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Spawn Enemy Group

Contains a collection of Spawn Enemy Dummy elements. Can be used to spawn multiple enemies conveniently and apply some broad changes to them. Can also be used to earmark locations for squads part of an assault to spawn.


Element behaviour on execution: Element executes on event:
Spawns an enemy at each Spawn Enemy Dummy listed in Manage elements list, spawning at the location of each element. The enemy will immediately play the animation defined in each Spawn Enemy Dummy's Spawn Action. Executed by another element (confirm?). Executes every element on list simultaneously.

Spawn Enemy Dummy

Field Type Values Usage
Manage Elements List(elements) List (Elements) Any Element Define multiple Spawn Enemy Dummy elements that this element will spawn on execution.
Spawn Type Dropdown Dropdown WIP
Ignore Disabled Boolean true, false If false, the element will not spawn enemies at any Spawn Enemy Dummy that is marked as disabled.
Amount Integer <0 The animation that this enemy will act out when spawned either manually or during an assault.
Team String (relationship teams) Dropdown Forcibly sets the enemy's team. The team defines who this enemy will shoot at, and be shot by.

Common Element components

Common: Main
Common: Transform