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Common: Main

Common parameters used by all elements to allow them to interact with each other in intelligent ways.

Field Type Values Usage
Editor Name string Dev-friendly name to ease element identification
Editor Color string Custom Dev-friendly colour to ease element identificaion
Script string (scripts) Any scripts made in the current level. A grouping of elements within a level that cannot interact with elements in a different script. Used for ease of organisation.
Trigger Times Integer <0 The amount of times this element can be executed before disabling itself. Set to 0 to never disable
Base Delay Float <0 Has the element wait this long (in seconds) before performing behaviours as a result of being executed.
Base Delay Rand Float <0 Adds a random time deviation (in seconds) to the Base Delay.
Enabled Boolean true, false Sets if this element should be executable. Will not do anything or use up Trigger Times if this is false.
Execute On Startup Boolean true, false Sets if this element should be executed as soon as a heist starts (the host loads the heist in the loadout screen). Important! Only one elementMissionScript should have this set to true per Script!
Manage On Executed List(elements) List (Elements) Any element but self A list of elements that will be executed when this element is triggered. May have individual delays set on each element that are added on top of each elements' existing Base Delay. Depending on this element's behaviour it may execute either all of these elements simultaneously, or one of them randomly.