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Sequence And Sequence Triggers

What are sequences

Many Units have what’s called a Sequence Manager. Sequences are pre-defined instructions on how a Unit can change appearance or behavior. They can simply hide and show parts of the model, change textures or enable their interactions, to playing animations, spawning effects and much more.

If you ever shot or hit a window and it broke, that is a sequence being run, that disables the glass plane of the model and spawns an effect. Lockpicking a door is also a sequence, detecting the interaction and playing an animation. Even a Keycard or Crowbar being picked up is a sequence being run.
Sequence Managers in most cases are custom made for the specific Unit.

You can see if a Unit has a Sequence Manager available by selecting it and looking for a “Mesh Variation” option. In there you can select one of the sequences which the unit should run on startup.

UnitSequence Element

A UnitSequence Element can be linked to such a unit by opening the Trigger List either with the button or the M hotkey, or by holding SPACEBAR and clicking on the unit. With the unit connected you can choose a sequence in the Trigger List.
Executing the Element will then run the selected sequences. ble_unitseq_c.jpg

UnitSequenceTrigger Element

A UnitSequenceTrigger Element can link to those units similarly to a UnitSequence, however instead of running sequences on the unit, the selected sequence being run will trigger the Element which can be used to execute a chain of Elements. You could for example use it to play a voiceline when opening a door by detecting the sequence of the door opening and executing a Dialogue Element.