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Beginner BLT modding

This guide will be a full tutorial on how to make your first BLT mod with a suitable example to follow along.

The example mod will hide all mods which are not stealthable.


Every mod needs this file. This file is responsible for loading your mod with BLT. Below you will find the mod.txt used for this example which can serve as a template as well.

	"name": "Hide loud jobs",
	"description": "Hides mods from which are not stealthable",
	"author": "Your name",
	"version": "1.0",
	"blt_version": 2,
	"hooks": [
			"hook_id": "lib/managers/crimenetmanager",
			"script_path": "mod.lua"


Hooks:PostHook(CrimeNetGui, 'add_server_job', 'hideloudjobs_crimenetgui',
function(self, data)
	if not managers.job:is_job_ghostable(data.job_id) then
		self:remove_job(, true)

Folder Structure