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Installing 'mod_override' mods

As the name implies, the ‘mod_override’ folder is used to override existing assets in the game’s files. These can range from the color of your health bar to the appearance of the enemies in-game. Installing these is very simple, so let’s get started!

  1. Locate your PAYDAY 2 folder. By default, this is

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PAYDAY 2.

Not there, or forgot where you installed it? Click here for a guide.

You should see this:

  1. Go into your “assets” folder:

  1. You should see a folder called “mod_overrides” in here along with some other files, like so:

If you don’t see that folder in there, go ahead and make it. Make sure it’s named “mod_overrides” exactly:

  1. Open up “mod_overrides”. It should probably be pretty empty at this point.

  2. Open the .zip for the mod you want to install, then extract or drag the contents into your “mod_overrides” folder:

  1. Now, let’s check if it was installed properly. Boot up PAYDAY 2, and go to “Options”, then "Mods":

If the "Mods" option doesn’t appear, then you’ve likely made a mistake or installed the mod improperly. Try going over the guide once more.

  1. Check if the mod shows up in the list. If it does, then you’ve installed it properly!