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Extracting the Game's Files

PAYDAY 2 Mod Creation Tutorials

This guide will go over how to extract the game’s assets. If you simply want to install mods, this guide is not for you! If you want to make some, you’re in the right place. Prerequisites To begin, you’ll need all of these. You don’t need to do anything with...

Re-Extracting the Game's Files After an Update

PAYDAY 2 Mod Creation Tutorials

As you might be aware, PAYDAY 2 tends to update frequently with new content. It won’t magically appear in your extract folder however; you’ll need to extract the files once more. This guide assumes that you're familiar with the Bundle Modder and already have ...

Finding PAYDAY 2's Install Folder

Installing PAYDAY 2 Mods

Can’t remember where you installed the game? This guide will help you. Open up Steam, and find PAYDAY 2 in your library: Right click on PAYDAY 2 in the list in the left. This menu will pop up: Click on “Properties” all the way at the bottom. T...

Hot Keys (outdated)

Beardlib Editor Reference

Updated list here Unlisted ones: Key Function W,A,S,D Camera movement, pretty self explanatory E,Q Moves camera up and down Shift Hold Allows to move the camera Alt Drag While selecting a unit dragging alt will duplicate it Ctrl Hold Locks Gri...

Planned Custom Weapons

PAYDAY 2 Mod Creation Data Tables

This page is meant to serve as a point of reference for the modding community's claimed or WIP mods. It should consist only of claims that are possible, reasonable, and impending. If you aren't actively working on it, or do not plan to within a reasonable amou...

Getting Started with PAYDAY 2 Modding (Legacy)

Installing PAYDAY 2 Mods

(I have marked this page as legacy; this will be split into different pages. -VxWolf) Alright, so first things first, let's get some important things out of the way. SuperBLT How-to: SuperBLT is the successor of now-defunct BLT/BLT2. SuperBLT does a lot of ...

WeaponLib Mod Preparation

PAYDAY 2 Mod Creation Tutorials

You boot up Payday 2, intend to enjoy a few of new weapon mod that have appeared on the front page of MWS, but found out that most of them have the big red word Requires WeaponLib. You shudder in fear, you don't know what it is, how to use it, or where the oth...

Custom Subtitled Dialogue and Sound

Beardlib Editor Tutorials Custom Content

If your heist or mod needs custom dialogue that includes subtitles follow the following steps. Add your Sounds, for this example I will add sounds to a level for a custom map. <sounds directory="assets"> <sounds directory="sounds"> ...

Troubleshoot Custom Weapons/Attachments for Modders

PAYDAY 2 Mod Creation Tutorials

You're working on a custom weapon/attachment and run into a specific issue you have no idea how to deal with? Then this is for you, this is a collection of known common/uncommon problems you might run into while working on a custom weapon/attachment and how to...

.animation Format

PAYDAY 2 Mod Creation File Formats

This page will be an approximate breakdown on the current known information on the .animation file format. Used in modern Diesel games such as Payday 2, Payday: The Heist, and RAID: World War II. A key thing to note is this format is compressed using level 6 ...

Ai Escorts (and Special Objectives)

Beardlib Editor Tutorials (Old pages, still useful for reference)

A test map is provided in the Attachments. Escort Characters All Escort characters will stop moving when enemies block their path, different radiuses apply for different hostages. Escort unit data typically contains the following (using Matt as an example, ...

Animated Models

PAYDAY 2 Mod Creation Diesel Engine

(WIP PAGE ON ANIMATED MODELS USED IN PAYDAY 2) Page Notes: Animations missing X Y or Z rotations dont seem to work properly. (tested on 32-Bit Floats with Discard) Animations missing X Y or Z loations work fine. Animations using scale likely dont work....


PAYDAY 2 Mod Creation BLT Modding

This guide will be a simple tutorial on how to make your first BLT mod with a suitable example to follow along. The example mod will hide all (multiplayer) jobs from Crime.Net which are not stealthable. Scope It it recommended to have at least beginner level k...

Beginner BLT modding

PAYDAY 2 Mod Creation BLT Modding

mod.txt Every mod needs this file. This file is responsible for loading your mod with BLT. Below you will find the mod.txt used for this example. Copy the contents inside your own mod.txt. Most of the fields should be self explanatory expect for the hooks. { ...


PAYDAY 2 Mod Creation BLT Modding

Decompiled game code Source code of the game Original BLT (outdated on some occasions) Documentation which holds information about many features of (Super-)BLT like Menus, Localization, Networking ... Community BLT (work in progress) Documentation which ...

Material Config XML

PAYDAY 2 Mod Creation Diesel Engine

Example XML: <materials version="3"> <material name="mat_name" render_template="generic:DIFFUSE_TEXTURE:NORMALMAP" version="2"> <diffuse_texture file="texture/file/path/my_texture_df"/> <bump_normal_texture file="t...

Object Xml

PAYDAY 2 Mod Creation Diesel Engine

Example XML: <dynamic_object> <diesel materials="units/path/material_config" orientation_object="rp_rootpoint_object" /> <sequence_manager file="units/path/sequence_manager" /> <bodies> <body name="body_static" enabled="tru...

Optimisation: Occlusion and Portals

Beardlib Editor Tutorials (Old pages, still useful for reference)

What is an Occluder? Occluders are simple planes that are used to hide props (specifically objects of a unit). In the model itself oc_planes (the commonly name for them) are a one-sided plane pointing its occluding face in the Y-Positive direction. Occlud...

Voice Over Modding

PAYDAY 2 Mod Creation Tutorials

Things you need: wwise_ima_adpcm (to encode/decode .stream files) Audio editor Extracted soundbanks folder (check attachments) Post extraction/downloaded from gdrive Easy steps Get the tools needed in attachment, set up volume preset Prepare...

Getting Started with Luxor 1/Amun Rising Modding

Luxor Luxor 1 / Amun Rising

So, you decided on making a Luxor 1 / Amun Rising mod? This page is dedicated to newcomers to modding the game. Luxor Amun Rising is often the modded game of choice due to it being an improvement (and added features) over Luxor 1, and has the same engine as sa...