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Extracting the Game's Files

PAYDAY 2 Tutorials

This guide will go over how to extract the game’s assets. If you simply want to install mods, thi...

Animated Models

PAYDAY 2 Diesel Engine

(WIP PAGE ON ANIMATED MODELS USED IN PAYDAY 2) Page Notes: Animations missing X Y or Z rotati...

Creating Maps

Luxor Luxor 1 / Amun Rising

Now that you have decided to create a mod (or make one or two levels), it's time to create a map....

*.psys files

Luxor Luxor 1 / Amun Rising

PSYS files are the visual effect files used in the Luxor 1 engine (used in 1 and Amun Rising). Th...

Getting Started with Luxor 1/Amun Rising Modding

Luxor Luxor 1 / Amun Rising

So, you decided on making a Luxor 1 / Amun Rising mod? This page is dedicated to newcomers to mod...

Voice Over Modding

PAYDAY 2 Tutorials

Things you need: wwise_ima_adpcm (to encode/decode .stream files) Audio editor Extracted sou...

Optimisation: Occlusion and Portals

PAYDAY 2 BeardLib Editor

What is an Occluder? Occluders are simple planes that are used to hide props (specifically objec...

Object Xml

PAYDAY 2 Diesel Engine

Example XML: <dynamic_object> <diesel materials="units/path/material_config" orientat...

Material Config XML

PAYDAY 2 Diesel Engine

Example XML: <materials version="3"> <material name="mat_name" render_template="ge...

Ai Escorts (and Special Objectives)

PAYDAY 2 BeardLib Editor

A test map is provided in the Attachments. Escort Characters All Escort characters will stop mo...

Re-Extracting the Game's Files After an Update

PAYDAY 2 Tutorials

As you might be aware, PAYDAY 2 tends to update frequently with new content. It won’t magically a...

.animation Format

PAYDAY 2 File Formats

This page will be an approximate breakdown on the current known information on the .animation fil...

Troubleshoot Custom Weapons/Attachments for Modders

PAYDAY 2 Tutorials

You're working on a custom weapon/attachment and run into a specific issue you have no idea how t...

Custom Subtitled Dialogue and Sound

PAYDAY 2 BeardLib Editor

If your heist or mod needs custom dialogue that includes subtitles follow the following steps. ...

WeaponLib Mod Preparation

PAYDAY 2 Tutorials

You boot up Payday 2, intend to enjoy a few of new weapon mod that have appeared on the front pag...

Getting Started with PAYDAY 2 Modding

PAYDAY 2 Tutorials

Alright, so first things first, let's get some important things out of the way. SuperBLT How-to:...

Planned Custom Weapons

PAYDAY 2 Data Tables

This page is meant to serve as a point of reference for the modding community's claimed or WIP mo...

Hot Keys

PAYDAY 2 BeardLib Editor

Unlisted ones: Key Function W,A,S,D Camera movement, pretty self explanatory ...

Finding PAYDAY 2's Install Folder

PAYDAY 2 Tutorials

Can’t remember where you installed the game? This guide will help you. Open up Steam, and find...

Tuning Level Settings

Luxor Luxor 1 / Amun Rising

Level files are what loads the map and difficulty settings, They can be found in data\levels. You...