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Creating Custom Contractors

PAYDAY 2 BeardLib Editor

Creating Custom Contractors Introduction Hello! Ever wanted to make a custom contractor for you...

Cubemaps, Cubelights and Lighting your level

PAYDAY 2 BeardLib Editor

Cubemaps A cubemap is a six-sided texture used for reflective surfaces to reflect stuff. Here's...

Applying Custom Instances

PAYDAY 2 BeardLib Editor

Instance Example (In the Main.xml) <instance id="level_id"> <add file="levels/level...

Making and adding Environments

PAYDAY 2 BeardLib Editor

Environment is like a config which decides how light and shadows look in your level, this is what...

Limitations and Issues with mapping in Diesel

PAYDAY 2 BeardLib Editor

Here is a list of potential issues you may have when working on custom maps. Out of Memory Crash...

Navigation in diesel

PAYDAY 2 BeardLib Editor

Navigation links or navlinks for short are ElementSpecialObjectives that have "Is Navigation Li...

Custom Subtitled Dialogue and Sound

PAYDAY 2 BeardLib Editor

If your heist or mod needs custom dialogue that includes subtitles follow the following steps. ...

Ai Escorts (and Special Objectives)

PAYDAY 2 BeardLib Editor

A test map is provided in the Attachments. Escort Characters All Escort characters will stop mo...

Animated Models

PAYDAY 2 Diesel Engine

(WIP PAGE ON ANIMATED MODELS USED IN PAYDAY 2) Page Notes: Animations missing X Y or Z rotati...

Material Config XML

PAYDAY 2 Diesel Engine

Example XML: <materials version="3"> <material name="mat_name" render_template="ge...

Object Xml

PAYDAY 2 Diesel Engine

Example XML: <dynamic_object> <diesel materials="units/path/material_config" orientat...

Optimisation: Occlusion and Portals

PAYDAY 2 BeardLib Editor

What is an Occluder? Occluders are simple planes that are used to hide props (specifically objec...