Custom Attachments


If you are a weapon mod author and would like to have your guns listed here/contribute, feel free to DM VxWolf on MWS, or on the MWS Discord

This is a list of custom weapon attachments in PAYDAY 2 + the Factory ID and a link to the mod. It is sorted alphabetically, split by their author.



AR-15 Grip Pack

Attachment Name Factory ID Type
Daniel Defense Rubber Grip wpn_fps_upg_m4_g_dd_rubber grip
FAB Defense AGR-43 Ergonomic Grip wpn_fps_upg_m4_g_fab_agr43 grip
Pachmayr Vindicator Grip wpn_fps_upg_m4_g_vindicator grip

AR-15 Stock Pack

Attachment Name Factory ID Type Notes
CAA Collapsible Stock wpn_fps_upg_m4_s_caastock stock
CAA Collapsible Stock (Black) wpn_fps_upg_m4_s_caastock_black stock
Fab Defence GLR-16-S Stock wpn_fps_upg_m4_s_fab_glr16s stock
Fab Defence GLR-16-S Stock wpn_fps_upg_m4_s_fab_glr16s_alt stock
HK E1 Stock wpn_fps_upg_m4_s_hke1 stock
Magpul PRS Stock wpn_fps_upg_m4_s_prs stock Only usable with AR-15 style lower.
Strike Industries Viper Mod 1 Stock wpn_fps_upg_m4_s_viper stock

Heavy Metal Muzzle Device Pack

Attachment Name Factory ID Type Notes
SureFire MB556K Muzzle Brake wpn_fps_upg_ns_ass_mb556k barrel_ext
Diamondhead T-BRAKE Muzzle Brake wpn_fps_upg_ns_ass_tbrake barrel_ext
Smith Vortex Flash Hider wpn_fps_upg_ns_ass_vortex barrel_ext
YHM Slant Muzzle Brake wpn_fps_upg_ns_ass_yhm_slant barrel_ext
AEK-919K Muzzle Brake wpn_fps_upg_ns_pis_aek919 barrel_ext Pistol Extension
SJC Major Compensator wpn_fps_upg_ns_pis_major barrel_ext Pistol Extension
Tactical Flash Hider wpn_fps_upg_ns_pis_tact_flash barrel_ext Pistol Extension
YHM Universal Compensator wpn_fps_upg_ns_pis_yhm barrel_ext Pistol Extension
Molot GK-01 Muzzle Brake wpn_fps_upg_ns_shot_gk_01 barrel_ext Shotgun Extension
HARTMAN Nomad Muzzle Brake wpn_fps_upg_ns_shot_nomad barrel_ext Shotgun Extension

Iron Sights Pack

Required points for sights: a_of and a_or. Stats: var prefix = no stats, snp prefix = -4 stability and +2 concealment.

Attachment Name Factory ID Type
ZR BoExpress Flip-up Sight wpn_fps_upg_o_var_cheap_rear sight
Daniel Defense A1.5 Sights wpn_fps_upg_o_var_dd_a1_rear sight
Diamondhead I.S.S. Folding Sights wpn_fps_upg_o_var_dh_iss_rear sight
KAC Flip-Up Sights wpn_fps_upg_o_var_kac_rear sight
Flip-up Iron Sights wpn_fps_upg_o_var_m4flipup_rear sight
Magpul MBUS wpn_fps_upg_o_var_mbus_rear sight
Magpul MBUS Pro wpn_fps_upg_o_var_mbuspro_rear sight
Scorpion EVO Iron Sights wpn_fps_upg_o_var_scorpionevo_rear sight
Troy Industries HK Folding Battle Sights wpn_fps_upg_o_var_troy_rear sight
Troy Industries M4 Folding Battle Sights wpn_fps_upg_o_var_troym4_rear sight
ZR BoExpress Flip-up Sight wpn_fps_upg_o_snp_cheap_rear sight
Daniel Defense A1.5 Sights wpn_fps_upg_o_snp_dd_a1_rear sight
Diamondhead I.S.S. Folding Sights wpn_fps_upg_o_snp_dh_iss_rear sight
KAC Flip-Up Sights wpn_fps_upg_o_snp_kac_rear sight
Flip-up Iron Sights wpn_fps_upg_o_snp_m4flipup_rear sight
Magpul MBUS wpn_fps_upg_o_snp_mbus_rear sight
Magpul MBUS Pro wpn_fps_upg_o_snp_mbuspro_rear sight
Scorpion EVO Iron Sights wpn_fps_upg_o_snp_scorpionevo_rear sight
Troy Industries HK Folding Battle Sights wpn_fps_upg_o_snp_troy_rear sight
Troy Industries M4 Folding Battle Sights wpn_fps_upg_o_snp_troym4_rear sight

Lost Gadgets Pack

Attachment Name Factory ID Type Notes
AN/PEQ-2 wpn_fps_upg_fl_anpeq2 gadget
Steiner DBAL-D2 wpn_fps_upg_fl_dbal_d2 gadget
SureFire M600P Fury Scout Flashlight wpn_fps_upg_fl_m600p gadget
InForce APL Flashlight wpn_fps_upg_fl_pis_inforce_apl gadget Pistol Gadget
LaserMax Uni-Max Laser Sight wpn_fps_upg_fl_pis_unimax gadget Pistol Gadget
UTG Deluxe Tactical Laser Sight wpn_fps_upg_fl_pis_utg gadget Pistol Gadget
LaserMax Uni-Max Laser Sight wpn_fps_upg_fl_unimax gadget
LaserMax Uni-Max + InForce APL wpn_fps_upg_fl_unimax_inforce gadget
UTG Deluxe Tactical Laser Sight wpn_fps_upg_fl_utg gadget

Revolver Gadgets

Required point for gadget: a_g_sml

Attachment Name Factory ID Type
LaserLyte Side-Mount Laser wpn_fps_upg_fl_pis_sidemountlaser gadget

Pistol Iron Sight Pack

Required points for sights: a_o_ironspack and a_of_ironspack.

Attachment Name Factory ID Type Notes
Advantage Tactical Pyramid Sight wpn_fps_upg_o_pis_atps sight
CZ Tactical Hajo Sight wpn_fps_upg_o_pis_czhajo sight
Dead Ringer Snake Eyes Sight wpn_fps_upg_o_pis_drsnek sight
FMA 17 Sight wpn_fps_upg_o_pis_fma17 sight Built in laser sight
Ghost Ring Sight wpn_fps_upg_o_pis_ghostring sight
SeeAll Open Sight wpn_fps_upg_o_pis_seeall sight

Stealth Flashlights

Attachment Name Factory ID Type Notes
S&W Micro 90 Flashlight wpn_fps_upg_fl_micro90 gadget Pistol Gadget
InForce WML Flashlight wpn_fps_upg_fl_wml gadget

Tactical Vertical Grip Pack

Attachment Name Factory ID Type Notes
FAB Defense REG wpn_fps_upg_vg_fab_reg vertical_grip
Grip Pod wpn_fps_upg_vg_gps02 vertical_grip
Grip Pod (Deployed Bipod) wpn_fps_upg_vg_gps02bipod vertical_grip Built in laser sight
TangoDown Vertical Grip wpn_fps_upg_vg_tangodown vertical_grip
Troy Modular Combat Grip wpn_fps_upg_vg_troy_modular vertical_grip
Troy Modular Combat Grip (Short) wpn_fps_upg_vg_troy_modularshort vertical_grip
UTG Combat Aluminum Grip wpn_fps_upg_vg_utg_combat vertical_grip Built in laser sight
UTG Combat Aluminum Grip wpn_fps_upg_vg_utg_combatfl vertical_grip Built in laser and flashlight


Attachment Name Factory ID Type Notes Link
Aimpoint CompM2 Sight wpn_fps_upg_o_compm2 sight
Aimpoint CompM4s Sight wpn_fps_upg_o_compm4s sight
BelOMO PK-01 VI wpn_fps_upg_o_pk01_vi sight Built in laser sight
Coyote Sight wpn_fps_upg_o_coyote sight
ELCAN SpecterDR MDRS wpn_fps_upg_o_su230_mdrs sight Adds second_sight gadget
EOTech 552 Holographic Sight wpn_fps_upg_o_eotech552 sight
Horzine Tech Sight wpn_fps_upg_o_horzine sight
JGBG M7 4X Scope wpn_fps_upg_o_jgbg_m7 sight Built in laser sight
Kobra Sight wpn_fps_upg_o_kobra sight
Leupold DeltaPoint Pro Sight wpn_fps_upg_o_deltapoint_pro sight Pistol Sight
Leupold DeltaPoint Sight wpn_fps_upg_o_deltapoint sight Pistol Sight
ELCAN C79 Sight wpn_fps_upg_o_m145 sight
OKP-7 Sight wpn_fps_upg_o_okp7 sight
Sig Sauer ROMEO3 wpn_fps_upg_o_romeo3 sight
Sig Sauer ROMEO3 wpn_fps_upg_o_romeo3_pis sight Pistol Sight
SUSAT Scope wpn_fps_upg_o_susat sight
Trijicon ACOG TA31F-RMR Scope wpn_fps_upg_o_acog_rmr sight Adds second_sight gadget
Trijicon ACOG TA648-RMR Scope wpn_fps_upg_o_ta648rmr sight Adds second_sight gadget
Trijicon MRO Sight wpn_fps_upg_o_mro sight
Trijicon RMR Sight wpn_fps_upg_o_rmr_riser sight
US Optics SN3 T-Pal wpn_fps_upg_o_sn3 sight
US Optics ST-10 Scope wpn_fps_upg_o_st10 sight
VisionKing VS1.5-5x30QZ wpn_fps_upg_o_visionking sight

All discontinued attachments will have broken normal maps due Update 199.3

Discontinued attachments
Attachment Name Type Link
Trijicon ACOG 2000 Sight (April Fools) sight
Ghost Ring Sight sight
AN/PAS-13D Night Vision Sight sight
PKA-S Sight sight
X-15 50 Round Drum Magazine magazine
PU Scope sight
CSGO Sniper Scope sight
ELCAN SpecterDR with Docter Sight sight
Trijicon ACOG TA648 Scope sight
PK-A Sight sight
SIGTac CP1 Prismatic Scope sight
Russian Weapons - Sight Pack sight
Leupold DeltaPoint Sight on RM55 Mount gadget
G3 Retractable Stock stock
SCAR-H PDW Stock stock



Attachment Name Factory ID Type Notes Link
HYBRD Scanner Gadget wpn_fps_upg_fl_ass_spotter gadget Marks special when you ADS with it
Kemper XL Sight wpn_fps_upg_o_kemper sight
Tormix Brake wpn_fps_upg_ns_ass_smg_tromix barrel_ext
Reflector WW2 Sight wpn_fps_upg_o_nydar sight applicable to "Allied" WW2 gun only
Reflector WW2 Sight wpn_fps_upg_o_mk3 sight applicable to "Axis" WW2 gun only
NcSTAR VISM Urban Sight wpn_fps_upg_o_vism sight have laser and light gadget on the sight module
Holosun HS401G5 Scope wpn_fps_upg_o_holosun sight have laser gadget on the sight module

AK Various Attachment

Attachment Name Factory ID Type Notes
Gecko Barrel wpn_fps_ass_ak_b_gecko barrel applicable to AK and AK.762 only
Valet Handguard wpn_fps_ass_ak_fg_valme foregrip ^
Chameleon Grip wpn_fps_ass_ak_g_gecko grip applicable to all AK platform gun
Bracing Stock wpn_fps_ass_ak_s_gecko stock applicable to AK, AK.762, Saiga only
MAK Handguard wpn_fps_smg_akmsu_fg_mar foregrip applicable to Krinkov only
Pipe Stock wpn_fps_smg_akmsu_s_rk62 stock ^

Magpul Attachment - AK

Attachment Name Factory ID Type Notes
EMO Handguard wpn_fps_upg_fg_ak_moe foregrip applicable to AK rifle only
EMO Grip wpn_fps_upg_g_ak_moe grip applicable to AK platform gun only
EMO Stock wpn_fps_upg_s_ak_moe stock ^
Tactical Next-Gen Mag wpn_fps_upg_ak_m_pmag magazine applicable to AKM & AKMSU only
Tactical Next-Gen Mag wpn_fps_upg_ak556_m_pmag magazine applicable to AK and AK12

Magpul Attachment - M4

Attachment Name Factory ID Type Notes
EMO Grip wpn_fps_upg_g_m4_moe grip applicable to AR-15 platform gun only
Tactical CQC Stock wpn_fps_upg_s_m4_sl_c stock ^
Tactical Next-Gen 40rnd wpn_fps_upg_m4_m_pmag40 magazine ^

Magpul Attachment - Universal

Attachment Name Factory ID Type Notes
Tactical CQC Stock wpn_fps_upg_s_m4_sl_c stock applicable to non AR-15 gun if Magpul - M4 is installed
Tactical Next-Gen 40rnd wpn_fps_upg_m4_m_pmag40 magazine ^
2 Piece Full Stock wpn_fps_upg_s_m4_ubr stock applicable to non AR-15 gun
Marksman Stock wpn_fps_upg_s_m4_prs stock ^
E.M.O-T Stock wpn_fps_upg_s_m4_pts stock ^
CQC Stock wpn_fps_upg_s_m4_sl stock ^
Retracted E.M.O-T Stock wpn_fps_upg_s_m4_pts_c stock ^
N/A wpn_fps_upg_m4_m_pmagsolid magazine ^
Tactical Next-Gen Mag 10 wpn_fps_upg_m4_m_pmag10 magazine ^
Tactical Next-Gen Mag 20 wpn_fps_upg_m4_m_pmag20 magazine ^

Carl Ruins Everything

Operator Attachment Pack

Attachment Name Factory ID Type Notes
SOCOM Stock wpn_fps_upg_s_devgru Stock
DDM4v2 Foregrip wpn_fps_upg_fg_daniel Foregrip
Block II Foregrip wpn_fps_upg_fg_ropup Foregrip
Hollow Point Rounds (small) wpn_fps_upg_am_hollow_small Ammo Generic rebalance mod
Hollow Point Rounds (full) wpn_fps_upg_am_hollow_large Ammo Buffs headshot damage
+P+ Rounds (7.62mm) wpn_fps_upg_am_gomerpyle Ammo Like a DMR kit but not
Dragon Compensator wpn_fps_upg_ns_dragon Barrel Ext
Blackhawk Suppressor wpn_fps_upg_ns_hock Suppressor
Full-size Osprey Suppressor wpn_fps_upg_ns_osprey Suppressor
Magwell Grip wpn_fps_upg_wellgrip Vertical Grip Only fits AR-pattern guns
BCMGUNFIGHTER Grip wpn_fps_upg_vg_bcm Vert. Grip
Cadex Grip wpn_fps_upg_vg_cadex Vert. Grip

TTI Attachment Pack

Attachment Name Factory ID Type Notes
TTI Mag Pad wpn_fps_upg_m_tti Magazine
TTI Stripped Lower wpn_fps_upg_rec_tti Lower Receiver AR only
Unidentified Magpul Stock wpn_fps_upg_s_tti Stock Asset sucks butt
TTI Base Pad wpn_fps_upg_m_tti_pis Magazine Pistol ver, unreleased

Improvised Attachment Pack

Attachment Name Factory ID Type Notes
Monster Can Suppressor wpn_fps_upg_ns_boomer Barrel Ext

Hera Arms Pack (

Attachment Name Factory ID Type Notes
Hera CQR Handguard wpn_fps_upg_fg_hera Foregrip
Hera CQR Vertical Grip wpn_fps_upg_vg_hera Vertical Grip
Hera CQR Stock wpn_fps_upg_s_hera Stock
Hera H3T Magazine wpn_fps_upg_m_hera Magazine WIP
Pants'd H3T Magazine wpn_fps_upg_m_leon Magazine WIP

Tarkov Muzzle Pack (WIP)

Attachment Name Factory ID Type Notes
AAC Illusion Suppressor wpn_fps_upg_ns_illusion Suppressor Pistol only
Alpha Dog Suppressor wpn_fps_upg_ns_doggo Suppressor
Gemtech One Suppressor wpn_fps_upg_ns_gems Suppressor
Fischer FD91 Suppressor wpn_fps_upg_ns_fischer Suppressor Glock Only
Spikes Tactical Dynacomp wpn_fps_upg_ns_dyna Barrel Ext AK Only
Venom Antidote Compensator wpn_fps_upg_ns_venom Barrel Ext AK Only
Yankee Hill Annihilator wpn_fps_upg_ns_yank Barrel Ext
SAI JailBreak wpn_fps_upg_ns_apologiestomira Barrel Ext AR Only
Vendetta Precision VP wpn_fps_upg_ns_fawkes Barrel Ext


Attachment Name Factory ID Type Notes Link
Waifu Sights Standalone wpn_fps_upg_o_weeb Sight Planned
BLITZ Arms P90 PMAG Adapter wpn_fps_upg_p90_m_sugai Magazine Planned
Keymod Handguard wpn_fps_upg_fg_key Foregrip
Keymod Handguard (Long) wpn_fps_upg_fg_key_long Foregrip
Spikes Tacticak M-LOK Handguard wpn_fps_upg_fg_washboard Foregrip i am so sorry


Sneaky Suppressor Pack

Attachment Name Factory ID Type Notes
Tundra Suppressor wpn_fps_ass_ns_g_sup1 barrel_ext Pistols
Ti-Rant Suppressor wpn_fps_ass_ns_g_sup2 barrel_ext Pistols
Bowers Suppressor wpn_fps_ass_ns_g_sup3 barrel_ext Rifles, SMGs, LMGs
Phantom Suppressor wpn_fps_ass_ns_g_sup4 barrel_ext Rifles, SMGS, LMGs
Gemtech Suppressor wpn_fps_ass_ns_g_sup5 barrel_ext Rifles, SMGS, LMGS
Trident Suppressor wpn_fps_ass_ns_g_sup6 barrel_ext Pistols
Griffin Suppressor wpn_fps_ass_ns_g_sup7 barrel_ext Platypus 70
Wrapped Suppressor wpn_fps_ass_ns_g_sup8 barrel_ext Pistols



Attachment Name Factory ID Type Notes Link
Shovel Bayonet wpn_fps_snp_mosin_ns_shovel_bayonet bayonet Might add this to more weapons. ¯\(ツ)
Thermal Scope wpn_fps_upg_o_thersig sight Automatically tries to add itself to weapons.

Underbarrel Weapons Pack

Attachment Name Factory ID Type Notes
M203 Grenade Launcher wpn_fps_upg_gl_m203 vertical_grip sub_type: grenade_launcher
M203 Incendiary Grenade Launcher wpn_fps_upg_gl_m203_inc vertical_grip sub_type: grenade_launcher
M203 Incendiary Grenade Launcher wpn_fps_ass_contraband_gl_m203_inc vertical_grip Special Incendiary Version for Little Friend


The Bayonet mod

Attachment Name Factory ID Type Notes
Type 2 AKM Bayonet wpn_fps_upg_akm_bayonet bayonet

Different Taser rounds for shotguns

Attachment Name Factory ID Type Notes
XREP Shells wpn_fps_xrepslug ammo
ION Shot wpn_fps_ionshot ammo
Taser Slug wpn_fps_taserslug ammo
Flechette Taser shells wpn_fps_aptaser ammo
High Voltage Shells wpn_fps_hvshell ammo

Full auto conversion kit pack

Attachment Name Factory ID Type Notes
Full auto conversion kit wpn_fps_upg_b92fs_autofire custom
Full auto conversion kit wpn_fps_upg_m1911_autofire custom
Glock full auto chip wpn_fps_upg_glock_autofire custom
Full auto conversion kit wpn_fps_upg_hs2000_autofire custom
Full auto conversion kit wpn_fps_upg_xm25_autofire custom
Full auto conversion kit wpn_fps_upg_spas12_autofire custom
Full auto conversion kit wpn_fps_upg_m1014_autofire custom

Incendiary ammo for assault rifles and pistols

Attachment Name Factory ID Type Notes
5.56 Orange Tip Rounds wpn_fps_riflein556 ammo
.50 BMG API Rounds wpn_fps_rifleapin50 ammo
9mm Incendiary Rounds wpn_fps_pistolin9mm ammo
7.62x39mm Incendiary Rounds wpn_fps_riflein762x39 ammo

K&K Rifle-Shield

Attachment Name Factory ID Type Notes
KKRS MK.2 wpn_fps_shield_v1 Rifle-Shield
KKRS MK.1 wpn_fps_shield_v2 Rifle-Shield
KKRS MK.2 wpn_fps_shield_v3 Rifle-Shield
KKRS MK.2 wpn_fps_shield_v4 Rifle-Shield
KKRS MK.1 wpn_fps_shield_ak Rifle-Shield
KKRS MK.1 wpn_fps_shield_aug Rifle-Shield
KKRS MK.1 wpn_fps_shield_m4 Rifle-Shield
KKRS MK.1 wpn_fps_shield_dmr Rifle-Shield
KKRS MK.1 wpn_fps_shield_lr Rifle-Shield
KKRS MK.1 wpn_fps_shield_bullpup Rifle-Shield
KKRS MK.1 wpn_fps_shield_shotgun Rifle-Shield
KKRS MK.1 wpn_fps_shield_lmg Rifle-Shield
FUCK THE POLICE wpn_fps_shield_skin_ftp Rifle-Shield Skin
Urban wpn_fps_shield_skin_urban Rifle-Shield Skin

M82 and AW50 Muzzle Brakes

Attachment Name Factory ID Type Notes
M82 Muzzle Brake wpn_fps_upg_ns_m82 barrel_ext
AW50 Muzzle Brake wpn_fps_upg_ns_aw50 barrel_ext

Masterkey Pack

Attachment Name Factory ID Type Notes
Underbarrel Spas 12 wpn_fps_ubs_spas12 underbarrel
Underbarrel Six12 wpn_fps_ubs_six12 underbarrel

More Ammunition Types

Attachment Name Factory ID Type Notes
5.56x45mm Taser Rounds wpn_fps_upg_a_taser556 Ammo
9x19mm Ratshot wpn_fps_upg_a_9x19_rat Ammo
9x19mm Birdshot wpn_fps_upg_a_9x19_bird Ammo
9x19mm Taser wpn_fps_upg_a_taser9mm Ammo
.44 Magnum Maeda wpn_fps_upg_a_poison44 Ammo
Maeda shells wpn_fps_upg_a_poisonslug Ammo
Minishells wpn_fps_upg_a_minibuck Ammo
Minislugs wpn_fps_upg_a_minislug Ammo
Birdshot wpn_fps_upg_a_12_bird Ammo
9x19mm Light armor piercing wpn_fps_upg_a_lap9mm Ammo
9x19mm Armor piercing wpn_fps_upg_a_ap9mm Ammo
7.92x57mm P.m.K. wpn_fps_upg_a_ince8mm Ammo
7.92x57mm B Patrone wpn_fps_upg_a_he8mm Ammo
7.92x57mm SMK wpn_fps_upg_a_ap8mm Ammo
9x19mm 7N21 +P+ wpn_fps_upg_a_7h21 Ammo
9x19mm 7N31 +P+ wpn_fps_upg_a_7h31 Ammo
5.45x18mm PSO wpn_fps_upg_a_pso545x18 Ammo
5.45x18mm 7N7 wpn_fps_upg_a_7n7_545x18 Ammo
9x19mm Hyper-Velocity Rounds wpn_fps_upg_a_hv9mm Ammo
.30-06 M1917 Armor-Piercing Round wpn_fps_ass_ching_ap_mat Ammo
5.56x45mm PPA wpn_fps_upg_a_556x45_ppa Ammo
5.56x45mm DM31 wpn_fps_upg_a_556x45_dm31 Ammo
5.56x45mm M995 wpn_fps_upg_a_556x45_m995 Ammo
5.45x39mm 7U1 wpn_fps_upg_a_545x39_7u1 Ammo
5.45x39mm 7N6 wpn_fps_upg_a_545x39_7n6 Ammo
5.45x39mm 7N6M wpn_fps_upg_a_545x39_7n6m Ammo
5.45x39mm 7N10 wpn_fps_upg_a_545x39_7n10 Ammo
5.45x39mm 7N22 wpn_fps_upg_a_545x39_7n22 Ammo
5.45x39mm 7N24 wpn_fps_upg_a_545x39_7n24 Ammo
7.62x39mm Hollow Point wpn_fps_upg_a_762x39_hp Ammo
7.62x39mm M67 wpn_fps_upg_a_762x39_m67 Ammo
7.62x39mm 8M3 wpn_fps_upg_a_762x39_8m3 Ammo
7.62x39mm TSR wpn_fps_upg_a_762x39_tsr Ammo
7.62x39mm Poison Tip wpn_fps_upg_a_762x39_poison Ammo
7.62x39mm 57-N-231 wpn_fps_upg_a_762x39_57n231 Ammo
7.62x39mm 57-N-231U wpn_fps_upg_a_762x39_57n231u Ammo
7.62x39mm G2 wpn_fps_upg_a_762x39_g2 Ammo
7.62x39mm 7N23 wpn_fps_upg_a_762x39_7n23 Ammo
7.62x39mm Hyper-Velocity wpn_fps_upg_a_762x39_hv Ammo
7.62x39mm Type 56 FMJ-TI wpn_fps_upg_a_762x39_fmjtit56 Ammo
7.62x39mm 57-Z-231 wpn_fps_upg_a_762x39_z Ammo
7.62x39mm 57-BZ-231 wpn_fps_upg_a_762x39_bz Ammo
7.62x39mm M78 wpn_fps_upg_a_762x39_m78 Ammo
7.62x39mm M82 wpn_fps_upg_a_762x39_m82 Ammo
7.62x39mm M83 wpn_fps_upg_a_762x39_m83 Ammo
7.62x39mm Type 56 API wpn_fps_upg_a_762x39_t56api Ammo
7.62x39mm Type 56 FMJ wpn_fps_upg_a_762x39_t56fmj Ammo
7.62x39mm Air Burst Explosive Rounds wpn_fps_upg_a_762x39_elysium Ammo
9x39mm PAB-9 wpn_fps_upg_a_9x39_pab9 Ammo
9x39mm SP-5 wpn_fps_upg_a_9x39_sp5 Ammo
9x39mm SPP wpn_fps_upg_a_9x39_spp Ammo
9x39mm SP-6 wpn_fps_upg_a_9x39_sp6 Ammo
9x39mm BP wpn_fps_upg_a_9x39_bp Ammo
7.62x54mmR 57-N-323S wpn_fps_upg_a_762x54r_57n323s Ammo
7.62x54mmR 7N13 wpn_fps_upg_a_762x54r_7n13 Ammo
7.62x54mmR 7N26 wpn_fps_upg_a_762x54r_7n26 Ammo
7.62x54mmR 7BZ3 wpn_fps_upg_a_762x54r_7bz3 Ammo
7.62x54mmR T-46 (7T2) wpn_fps_upg_a_762x54r_t46 Ammo
7.62x54mmR T-46M (7T2) wpn_fps_upg_a_762x54r_t46m Ammo
7.62x54mmR 7BT1 wpn_fps_upg_a_762x54r_7bt1 Ammo
7.62x54mmR 7N1 wpn_fps_upg_a_762x54r_7n1 Ammo
7.62x54mmR 7N14 wpn_fps_upg_a_762x54r_7n14 Ammo
7.62x54mmR 73P2 wpn_fps_upg_a_762x54r_73p2 Ammo
5.56x45mm MK318 MOD 0 wpn_fps_upg_a_556x45_mk318mod0 Ammo
5.56x45mm XM777 wpn_fps_upg_a_556x45_xm777 Ammo
5.56x45mm XM778 wpn_fps_upg_a_556x45_xm778 Ammo
5.56x45mm M196 wpn_fps_upg_a_556x45_m196 Ammo
5.56x45mm L110 wpn_fps_upg_a_556x45_l110 Ammo
5.56x45mm M855 wpn_fps_upg_a_556x45_m855 Ammo
5.56x45mm M855A1 wpn_fps_upg_a_556x45_m855a1 Ammo
5.56x45mm Mk 262 wpn_fps_upg_a_556x45_mk262 Ammo
5.56x45mm Mk 318 wpn_fps_upg_a_556x45_mk318 Ammo
5.56x45mm GP90 wpn_fps_upg_a_556x45_gp90 Ammo
5.56x45mm ACR Duplex Phase I wpn_fps_upg_a_556x45_acr1 Ammo
5.56x45mm ACR Duplex Phase II wpn_fps_upg_a_556x45_acr2 Ammo
5.56x45mm ACR Duplex Phase III wpn_fps_upg_a_556x45_acr3 Ammo
7.62x51mm XM115 wpn_fps_upg_a_762x51_xm115 Ammo
7.62x51mm M852 wpn_fps_upg_a_762x51_m852 Ammo
7.62x51mm M118 wpn_fps_upg_a_762x51_m118 Ammo
7.62x51mm M118LR wpn_fps_upg_a_762x51_m118lr Ammo
7.62x51mm MK 316 MOD 0 wpn_fps_upg_a_762x51_mk316mod0 Ammo
7.62x51mm M80 wpn_fps_upg_a_762x51_m80 Ammo
7.62x51mm DM41 wpn_fps_upg_a_762x51_dm41 Ammo
7.62x51mm DM111 wpn_fps_upg_a_762x51_dm111 Ammo
7.62x51mm M948 wpn_fps_upg_a_762x51_m948 Ammo
7.62x51mm M959 wpn_fps_upg_a_762x51_m959 Ammo
7.62x51mm M61 wpn_fps_upg_a_762x51_m61 Ammo
7.62x51mm M62 wpn_fps_upg_a_762x51_m62 Ammo
7.62x51mm M993 wpn_fps_upg_a_762x51_m993 Ammo
7.62x51mm XM256 wpn_fps_upg_a_762x51_xm256 Ammo
7.62x51mm M198 wpn_fps_upg_a_762x51_m198 Ammo
Sabot Shell wpn_fps_upg_a_12_sabot Ammo
Sabot Shell wpn_fps_upg_a_12_hsabot Ammo
Sabot Shell wpn_fps_upg_a_12_slsabot Ammo
Tungsten Sabot Shell wpn_fps_upg_a_12_t_sabot Ammo
Tungsten Sabot Shell wpn_fps_upg_a_12_t_hsabot Ammo
Tungsten Sabot Shell wpn_fps_upg_a_12_t_slsabot Ammo
Depleted Uranium Sabot Shell wpn_fps_upg_a_12_du_sabot Ammo
Depleted Uranium Sabot Shell wpn_fps_upg_a_12_du_hsabot Ammo
Depleted Uranium Sabot Shell wpn_fps_upg_a_12_du_slsabot Ammo
JawBreaker wpn_fps_upg_a_12j_jawbreaker Ammo
JawBreaker wpn_fps_upg_a_12j_hdjawbreaker Ammo
THE JawBreaker wpn_fps_upg_a_12j_cryjawbreaker Ammo
FRAG-12 HE wpn_fps_upg_a_12_frag12 Ammo
FRAG-12 HE wpn_fps_upg_a_12_hfrag12 Ammo
FRAG-12 HE wpn_fps_upg_a_12_slfrag12 Ammo
Pop Rocks wpn_fps_upg_a_12j_prfrag12 Ammo
MOLNIYA-1 wpn_fps_upg_a_4_molniya1 Ammo
ZHAR-1 wpn_fps_upg_a_4_zhar1 Ammo
Incendiary Slugs wpn_fps_upg_a_12_inc_slug Ammo
Explosive Buckshot wpn_fps_upg_a_12_exp_buck Ammo
.45 Long Colt FMJ wpn_fps_upg_a_45lc_fmj Ammo
.45 Long Colt JHP wpn_fps_upg_a_45lc_jhp Ammo
.45 Long Colt JSP wpn_fps_upg_a_45lc_jsp Ammo
40mm M651 wpn_fps_upg_a_40x46_m651 Ammo
9x19 Para Conversion wpn_fps_upg_ac_9x19 Caliber Kit
.416 Barrett Conversion wpn_fps_upg_ac_416barrett Caliber Kit

Stock Attachment Pack

Attachment Name Factory ID Type Notes
Folded Stock wpn_upg_ak_s_collapsed Stock
Folded Stock wpn_upg_saiga_s_folded Stock
Folded Stock wpn_upg_ak_s_folded_gold Stock
Collapsed Stock wpn_upg_ak_s_skfolded Stock
Retracted Stock wpn_fps_upg_m4_s_collapsed Stock
Retracted Tactical Stock wpn_fps_upg_m4_s_pts_col Stock
Retracted Wide Stock wpn_fps_upg_m4_s_crane_col Stock
Retracted War-Torn Stock wpn_fps_upg_m4_s_mk46_col Stock
Retracted 2 Piece Stock wpn_fps_upg_m4_s_ubr_col Stock
Folded AK5A Stock wpn_fps_ass_ak5_s_ak5a_col Stock
Folded AK5B Stock wpn_fps_ass_ak5_s_ak5b_col Stock
Folded AK5C Stock wpn_fps_ass_ak5_s_ak5c_col Stock
Retracted AK5C Stock - Stock

Leon S.


Attachment Name Factory ID Type Notes
GITS Carry Handle Sight wpn_fps_upg_o_gitsch Sight


GITS Attachment Pack

Attachment Name Factory ID Type Notes
MB58L wpn_fps_upg_ns_gits_sorrycarl_l Barrel Extension
MB72H wpn_fps_upg_ns_gits_another_h Barrel Extension
MB76H wpn_fps_upg_ns_gits_dildo_h Barrel Extension
R4-SP1 wpn_fps_upg_ns_gits_illegal_s Suppressor
R4-SP5 wpn_fps_upg_ns_gits_generic_s Suppressor
American Empire Stock wpn_fps_upg_s_gitsm4 Stock
American Empire Grip wpn_fps_upg_g_gitsm4 Grip
American Empire Foregrip wpn_fps_upg_fg_gitsm4 Stock


Attachment Name Factory ID Type Notes
Hartman MH1 wpn_fps_upg_o_hartman Sight
Mepro M21 wpn_fps_upg_o_mepro Sight
KP SR-2 wpn_fps_upg_o_kpsr2 Sight