Skin map textures (df_cc)

Skin map texture

The _cc_df textures are used instead of diffuse on models when skin is applied and each channel controls specific aspect of it:


Red channel is used as material map for 6 defined types of it.

Materials shown in overkill base gradient template.

Example of PD2 Aimpoint material map layer.


Green channel seems to be mix of various maps with diffuse as main goal of this channel is to give skin a shape and details like a diffuse but with colors controlled by skin.

Example of PD2 EOTech sight.


Blue channel is used to create "wear and tear" damage to skin as quality of skin lowers and gradient timeline progresses.

Example of wear and tear on PD2 EOTech sight.

Creating skin textures for custom models


Material map can be either created by manually painting parts on channel or using exported UV layouts of selected meshes. Painted parts must only use solid color as any form of gradients or blending will results in artifacts.

Use these RGB color values to assign specific material:


Diffuse texture in grayscale can be reused for this channel. Image must be in edited be around light gray colors (Too dark image will results in missing details on models).


For wear and tear layer any texture of scratches with transparency or on white background can be used.

Example of random texture with scratches. For best transition between skin quality scratches should have some black/white range can go fully from 0 to 255.

Black color = Part of texture that will get damaged/White = Solid. Optional: Very subtle outlines of AO map for easier visualization what parts of texture get damaged.

Preview of example texture in-game.

Note about Payday 2 Model Tool

For GLTF/GLB format: New objects and models can include more UV layers.

For OBJ format: Not recommended to use but new objects or models are free of any problems with skins but in case of replacing existing objects in PD2 models remember to use "Pattern UV" option to prevent patterns being missing/broken in most cases.

Additional notes about UV coordinates

Some CC textures have parts that do not utilise the skin materials and will show their original textures (Example, Commando 101 rocket launcher), this effect can be achieved by moving the pattern UVs outside of the 0-1 region.

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