Re-Extracting the Game's Files After an Update

As you might be aware, PAYDAY 2 tends to update frequently with new content. It won’t magically appear in your extract folder however; you’ll need to extract the files once more.

This guide assumes that you're familiar with the Bundle Modder and already have an extract. If you don't have an extract or the Bundle Modder, check out the Extraction guide by clicking here.

Re-Extracting the Files

  1. Check here to see if the Hashlist has been updated for the latest patch.. If it hasn’t, it’s recommended that you wait for an update before continuing. Otherwise, any content added by the patch will be extracted with an improper filename and file path. If it has, download it.

  2. Open up the .zip, then extract “hashlist” to your Bundle Modder folder. Make sure you replace files if prompted.

  3. Open up “PDBundleModPatcher.exe”. It should detect that the game has updated:

Just hit OK and go to the Game File Extraction tab:

  1. If you want to speed the extraction up, check the box that says “Ignore existing files” on the Game File Extraction page:

As the name implies, this will skip over the files you’ve already extracted to drastically reduce the extraction time. You can leave this option unchecked if you want to make sure all of your files are updated.

  1. Hit “Start” in the bottom right, and wait.

And you’re done! Now you have the latest content extracted.

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