Creating Maps

Now that you have decided to create a mod (or make one or two levels), it's time to create a map.

What You'll Need

  • A graphics editor (, GIMP, Adobe Photoshop, just something that you can do well in.)
  • Nocturnal Owl De-vertice Editor, found here
  • Some form of text editor. Notepad can do, although you may want to use Notepad++ for clarity.

Creating your Path Concept

Luxor spheres are 32 x 32 pixels thick. You can either have a 32 px thick stroke, or thinner. It doesn't matter, as long as the player has a general idea of how the path goes. Here's an image of a simple map: rows, but it's not plain rows. luxor-path-example-1.png

Now, there are a few things to note when making paths. You should avoid going down 500px or lower, as this is where the shooter area is. Clipping between the shooter and the spheres is close here.

Now that that's out of the way...

Creating the Background

You don't need to be a god at art to create a background. Just make sure it's decent and all. There are plenty of tutorials on the internet if you aren't much of an art prodigy - but try experimenting with plugins and effects, and you'll probably have something going.

The path should be visible to the player, so that they have a general idea of how does the path go.

For demonstration purposes, we'll go with a dirt and rock background.