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Each game engine (and some specific games) have their own limitations which you should keep in mind:

Luxor 1/AR

Engine Specific

Luxor 1

Luxor 2

Engine Specific

Enabling Cheats

When developing mods, you may want to enable built-in cheats to test a specific level.

Luxor 1/AR

Luxor 2 (and games that use it's engine)

Open it's Options menu and press PgUp+PgDown at the same time. This will open a dialog asking if you want to enable cheats permanently for the current profile.

Once enabled, you can go to Options > Cheats to access the following cheats:

Mod Debugging & Errors

You're in the middle of testing and you just made something new. And then when it loads... BAM! Your game explodes and you have no idea where to look.