Optimization - Improving Performance

There are lots of ways to Improve performance on your level. For a start you can try to not over-detail your level. Adding lots of detail to make your level look interesting is not a bad thing, but overdoing it, especially in areas it’s not necessary, can backfire on you with low FPS.
Additionally you should use low-quality assets for areas that are out of bounds. Those usually have backdrop, bdrop or background in the name. ble_backdrop.jpg

But most important are Occluders and Portals:


Occluders are invisible planes that, when looking at them, prevent Units behind it from being rendered. They are usually placed inside walls.

You find and place those like normal Units in the Spawn Menu and you can see them using the “Draw Editor Units” setting.


Portals are shapes in your level with Units assigned to them. Those Units will only be visible if the player is standing inside the shape, otherwise they will not be rendered.

You create Portals by navigating to the World Menu and the Portal-Tab. Create a new Portal by clicking on the "Plus" icon.

Select your portal and add shapes, those indicate the area the player has to stand inside to see the Units linked to this portal.

Now you can add individual Units to the portal by selecting them and clicking the “Add to current portal” button in the quick actions.

You can also use the button to automatically add all Units that are inside the shapes.

Units that are linked to your current selected Portal have a red box around them. ble_portalunits.jpg

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