After loading into your level, you can move the camera with W,A,S,D and go up and down with E and Q. Hold SHIFT while moving the mouse to look around. Scrolling your mouse-wheel while holding SHIFT changes your camera speed.


Select something with LMB, add or remove something from the current selection with RMB. You can box-select by holding CTRL and RMB while moving your cursor and box-remove from the selection with ALT+RMB.
Copy and paste your current selection with CTRL+C and CTRL+V, or delete it with DELETE. Deselect with CTRL+D.


Move or rotate your current selection using the widgets shown on screen. Toggle between them using R and T. Holding ALT while moving a selection will create an exact copy of it.
Grab your current selection with MMB and move it around with your cursor, place it by pressing LMB or cancel the grab with RMB.
Enabling the “Surface Move” option with CTRL-G will snap your selection to the grid while grabbing. The grid size can be changed by pressing PAGE-UP and PAGE-DOWN, or by manually typing it in the toolbar or editor options.


Save your level with CTRL+S or with the Save button in the editor panel. Toggle between Playtest and Editing mode using F10. To completely reset the level and reload the editor, simply press ESC and Restart Game.

Default Keybinds

These are the default keybinds for BLE.
All those keybinds can be viewed and customized in the “Input” section in the BeardLib Editor Menu Options.

Function Keybind Alternative
Copy Selection CTRL+C
Paste Selection CTRL+V
Save Level CTRL+S
Delete Selection DELETE
Deselect CTRL+D
Toggle Move Widget T
Toggle Rotation Widget R
Toggle Transform Orientation CTRL+T
Toggle Editor Units F3
Toggle Elements F4
Toggle Surface Move CTRL+G
Toggle Snappoints U
Toggle Playtesting F10
Increase Camera Speed ] SHIFT+MOUSEWHEEL UP
Decrease Camera Speed [ SHIFT+MOUSEWHEEL DOWN
Increase Grid Size PAGE UP
Decrease Grid Size PAGE DOWN
Increase Grid Altitute SHIFT+PAGE UP
Decrease Grid Altitute SHIFT+PAGE DOWN
Toggle Light F
Toggle Ruler CTRL+R
Teleport to Selection CTRL+F
Link to Element Managed List SPACE
Open Element Managed List M
Open Element On Executed List B
Settle Units END
Hide Selected Units V
Reset Rotation NUM ENTER
Rotate Spawn Dummy Yaw J
Rotate Spawn Dummy Pitch G
Rotate Spawn Dummy Roll H
World Menu CTRL+1
Selection Menu CTRL+2
Spawn Menu CTRL+3
Select Menu CTRL+4
Tools Menu CTRL+5
Options Menu CTRL+6
Spawn Unit 1
Spawn Element 2
Select Unit 3
Select Element 4
Spawn Instance (not defined)
Spawn Prefab (not defined)
Select Instance (not defined)
Select Group (not defined)

Unlisted Keybinds

These keybinds are not listed ingame and cannot be changed.

Function Keybind
Move Camera W, A, S, D
Up, Down Q, E
LMB Select
RMB Add to current selection
SHIFT (Hold) Look around
ALT (Hold while moving selection) Create duplicate
CTRL (Hold while moving selection) Snap Grid to 1
CTRL+RMB (Drag) Box Select
ALT+RMB (Drag) Box Deselect
MMB Grab Selection
CTRL+LMB (Hold, Only Elements) Add to On Executed list
CTRL+RMB Add to current Group
ALT+Hide Selected Units Unhides all hidden units
SHIFT+Hide Selected Units Hides all not selected units
RMB (Hold)+Move Mouse left/right Only in number boxes, increase or decrease the value
Output console F1

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