Captain Winters

You can include Captain Winters in your level in just a few steps:
First you need to set up the spawn point. Place a SpawnEnemyDummy Element somewhere out of view from the player. Except for lowering the interval, you don’t have to change any setting on the spawner.
Next you place a SpawnEnemyGroup Element and link the previously set up spawn element to it. Disable every enemy type except for Phalanx. Leave the other settings default. Now you spawn an EnemyPreferedAdd Element and add the SpawnEnemyGroup element you just set up into its Spawn Group List.

To have Winters and his shields take position, place a SpecialObjective Element where you want him to move to. You can leave most of the settings in the SO default, however it is important to set the So Action to AI_Phalanx and remove every NPC type from the Access Flag list.

Now you simply have to execute the SpecialObjective and the EnemyPreferedAdd elements whenever you want Winters to spawn. It takes about 5 to 10 minutes for the game to actually spawn him but from here on everything is handled automatically by the game.

Note, vehicles can instantly kill Winters and his shields, keep that in mind when placing your Phalanx SO. It’s best to place him in a dedicated area that can’t be reached by vehicles, as seen in the Goat Simulator heist.

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