Spawn Enemy Dummy

A location where an enemy can be spawned on demand. Can be used in combination with Spawn Enemy Group to define the location of enemy spawn points during assaults.


Element behaviour on execution: Element executes on event:
Spawns an enemy defined in enemy. Uses a random Orientation Element if defined, otherwise spawns at the location of this element. The enemy will immediately play the animation defined in Spawn Action. Executed by another element (confirm?). Executes every element on list simultaneously.

Spawn Enemy Dummy

Field Type Values Usage
Manage Orientation Elements List(elements) List (Elements) Any Element Define locations other than the location of this element to spawn enemies on execution. Ideally should be one or multiple elementMissionScript elements.
Enemy String (units) An enemy unit Selects what unit the spawned enemy should use. The unit defines the enemy's appearance, health, damage, and some behaviour. This is overridden by enemies spawned via an assault.
Participate To Group Ai Boolean true, false Defines if the enemy should take part in the assault if the enemy was manually spawned by executing this element. If this is disabled, the enemy will not hunt for the player or flee.
Spawn Action String (animations) Dropdown The animation that this enemy will act out when spawned either manually or during an assault.
Interval Float <0 Prevent the element from spawning another enemy for this long (in seconds) as a result of being executed.
Accessibility WIP Dropdown WIP
Force Pickup String (pickup units) Dropdown WIP
Team String (relationship teams) Dropdown Forcibly sets the enemy's team. The team defines who this enemy will shoot at, and be shot by.

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